Sec[Section]. 1st Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois represented in the General assembly That there shall be elected by joint vote of both branches of the present General Assembly five Commissioners whoes duty it shall be to make an extensive and carefull examination of such portions of the State as they may think proper, and after such examination to determine upon and locate the perminant seat of Government for said state, as near the geographical center thereof as an appropriate and elijable cite for that purpose as can be found without regard to sectional or local Interest but with a View to the equeal advantage and Interest of the whole State, and for this purpose they are required to take into consideration not only its central position but the dryness of the cite of the Town, the healthiness of the country around it, and the [...?] Conviniance and abundance of water, They are also to take into, consideration the conveniense of timber and Coal, and, the ease by which the Town may be approached from every direction by means of rail roades.
sec 2d. Be it further in acted, that the commissioners shall have authority to select ^any^ land belonging to the General Government, and enter the same in behalf of the state for the seat of Government if a suitable cite can be found near the Geographical center, and if not, they they shall have authority to receive proposials from the citizens or
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propriators of any Town or individuals, of bonisses to the state upon condition of their Town or land being selected for the seat of Government, which shall also be takin into consideration together with the above enumerated requisits, to the location of the seat of Government, and all contracts made by the commissioners relative to ^the^ trust confided to them shall be binding.
sec 3d Be if further enacted that the commissioners shall be chosen from different parts of the state To wit, one from the county of Adams, one from some one county on the east sid of the state one from some one County of on the south of the state one from some one county on the North of the state, and one from some one of the Counties of Sangamon[,] Macon[,] Shelby or Mongomary, As being near the center of population, And when said Commissioners shall be elected, and before they enter upon the discharge of their duties they shall each take an Oath That they will faithfully and honestly discharge the duties injoined upon them by this act, without fear favour or affection, but with a view to the promotion of the publick good alone, the present and future population, a majority of the commissioners shall form a quorom to execute this act, and shall govern in all their determinations. They shall meet on the 1st monday of June ^next^ at the Town of Jacksonville
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and proceed to the discharge of their duties, but if they should fail to meet at that time then they may meet at any other time agreed upon by any three of them provided notice is given to the other two, and provided such meeting shall take place, before the first of August next
sec 4th The commissioners shall recieve for each day imploy four dollars, for which the auditor shall isue his warrent upon the affidavit of the Commissioners. T The act intitled an act permanantly to locate the seat of Goverment of Illinois approved February 5th 1833 is hereby repealed,

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Minor amendmt to Seat of Govrmt bill
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Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Lincoln Collection, SB 117, GA Session: 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)