Abraham Lincoln to Blatchford, Seward & Griswold, 2 May 18581
Messrs[Messieurs] Blatchford, Seward & Griswold29. Nassau St[Street]N.Y.Gentlemen–
Yours, inclosing note of T. J. V. Owen & Bro, is received, and shall be attended to–2
Yours, &c[etc.]A. Lincoln
1Abraham Lincoln wrote and signed this letter.
2A representative of Blatchford, Seward & Griswold wrote Lincoln a letter on April 23, enclosing a May 1857 promissory note from T. J. V. Owen & Brother to Miller & Holbrook and leaving the arrangement of T. J. V. Owen & Brother’s debt repayment in Lincoln’s hands. Lincoln and Blatchford, Seward & Griswold subsequently exchanged at least three more letters related to this debt. Lincoln advised the firm against initiating a lawsuit to resolve the matter, but it is unclear from extant correspondence whether he was able to resolve the debt either in full or in part.
Blatchford, Seward, and Griswold to Abraham Lincoln; Abraham Lincoln to Blatchford, Seward & Griswold; Blatchford, Seward & Griswold to Abraham Lincoln.

Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page(s), Private Collection, James Mlinar, Springfield, IL.