Resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, That the present condition of the currency and the interests of the country, generally, do not seem to require the establishment of an Independent Treasury, and the collection and disbursement of the public revenue in specie.
Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives requested, to vote against any law or resolution having for its object the adoption of the Independent or Sub-treasury System, in any form whatever.2
Resolved, further, That they be instructed to use all their efforts to prevent the recharter of the late National Bank, or the chartering of a National Bank of any kind.
Resolved, That the Governor be requested to transmit a copy of the foregoing resolutions to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.
1On December 18, 1838, Archibald Williams introduced in the House the report of the majority of the Committee on Finance, including Abraham Lincoln, regarding Governor Thomas Carlin’s inaugural message. The report concluded by introducing the resolution in the House. The minority of the committee introduced a dissenting report on the same day. The House tabled both reports and the resolution and ordered the printing of 500 copies.
Illinois House Journal. 1838. 11th G.A., 1st sess., 26-30, 56, 98-103, 109.
2Representing Illinois at this time were Zadok Casey, John Reynolds, and John T. Stuart in the U.S. House of Representatives and John M. Robinson and Richard M. Young in the U.S. Senate.

Printed Transcription, 1 page(s), Journal of the House of Representatives of the Eleventh General Assembly of the State of Illinois at their First Session (Vandalia, IL: William Walters, 1838), 103