Jonathan Mayo to the Editors of The Old Soldier, 22 September 1840
To the Editors of the Old Soldier:
I see in the State Register exceptions taken to your table of the popular vote of Illinois.1 I am satisfied that the table referred to is far from being correct, at least so far as I am acquainted with the relative strength of parties in the Counties of Clark, Edgar, Vermillion, Coles and Champaign. You give the aggregate majorities in these Counties at 415 votes. I have conversed and compared notes with gentlemen of intelligence, from Clark, Coles and Vermillion, and have what I conceive to be correct information from Champaign, and I am satisfied that the whigs in those five counties will be able to give Gen. Harrison at least 825 votes majority in November, which will be a gain of equal to one quarter of the majority for the administration as given in said table.2
1This table appeared in the September 10, 1840, issue of the Old Soldier. The State Register responded in its September 11 issue.
The Old Soldier (Springfield, IL), 10 September 1840, 4:3; Illinois State Register (Springfield), 11 September 1840, 2:1.
2In the 1840 presidential election, Clark County cast 667 ballots for Harrison and 611 for Martin Van Buren; Edgar, 783 for Harrison and 720 for Van Buren; Vermillion, 1044 for Harrison and 587 for Van Buren; Coles, 1109 for Harrison and 695 for Van Buren; and Champaign, 154 for Harrison and 141 for Van Buren. The aggregate majority for Harrison in these counties was 1003 votes.
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