Bailey, John S.

Born: 1814-09-22 Pennsylvania

Died: 1894-11-02 Nebraska

John S. Bailey was a state representative, editor, attorney, and judge. In October 1842, he married Selena Sweet, with whom he eventually had at least eight children. In 1846, the voters of Schuyler and Brown counties elected him to the Illinois House of Representatives. By 1850, he lived in Mount Sterling, Illinois, worked as an editor, and owned $1,000 in real estate. From 1853 to September 1858, he served as state's attorney for the Illinois Fifth Judicial Circuit. He resigned this position to become the judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit, where he remained for the next three years. In 1860, he lived in Macomb, Illinois and owned $4,000 in real property and another $1,400 in personal property. He continued practicing law in Macomb for many years.

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