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Baldwin, Daniel

Born: 1786-11-20 Connecticut

Flourished: 1836-1847 Saint Clair County, Illinois

Baldwin married Susan Baldwin in 1809 and together they had 10 children. In 1832, Baldwin was ordained as a minister by the New Milford, Connecticut, Baptist church. Between 1834 and 1836, he served as pastor in various churches in Connecticut and New York. By May 1836, Baldwin had moved to St. Clair County, Illinois, where he founded and served as pastor to several churches and established a substantial farm near Lebanon. Baldwin, a Democrat, was elected to represent St. Clair County in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1840 to 1842, where he served alongside Abraham Lincoln. By 1850, he had relocated his family to LaSalle County, where he continued his service in the Baptist church.

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