Dickinson, Edward

Born: 1801-02-15 Hadley, Massachusetts

Died: 1866-07-06

Flourished: Peoria County, Illinois

Dickinson attended Yale College and graduated from Pennsylvania Medical University in 1830. In 1831, he married Catherine Jones. Dickinson practiced medicine in Massachusetts before moving to Peoria, Illinois in 1835. In addition to practicing medicine, Dickinson also served as a justice of the peace in Peoria from 1839 to 1843. Politically, Dickinson was a Whig, one of twenty Peoria Whigs who invited Abraham Lincoln to speak opposite Stephen A. Douglas in Peoria in October 1854.

The History of Peoria County Illinois (Chicago: Johnson, 1880), 350, 641-42; Gravestone, Springdale Cemetery and Mausoleum, Peoria, IL; Petition of Jonathan K. Cooper and Others to Abraham Lincoln.