Gilman, Winthrop S.

Born: 1808-03-28 Marietta, Ohio

Died: 1884-10-01 Palisades, New York

Flourished: 1829-1840 Alton, Illinois

Gilman arrived in Alton, Illinois, in 1829, where he established the firm of Godfrey, Gilman & Company with Benjamin Godfrey. Gilman owned the warehouse that housed abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy's printing press, and Gilman was one of the press' defenders during the 1837 pro-slavery riot. He was a major stockholder in the State Bank of Illinois and was an incorporator of several Alton businesses. By 1850, Gilman had left Alton and was living in a hotel in St. Louis, where he was a merchant. By 1860, he had moved to New York, where he became a successful banker. In 1860, Gilman was living in New York City with his wife and seven children and owned $160,000 in real estate and $30,000 in personal property.

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