Godfrey, Benjamin

Born: 1794-05-20 Massachusetts

Died: 1862-08-13 Madison County, Illinois

Flourished: Madison County, Illinois

Godfrey was born on Cape Cod and as a young man he went into business on the sea, eventually becoming a ship's captain. After working as a sea captain and a merchant in Mexico and New Orleans, Godfrey settled in Alton, Illinois, in 1833. After the death of his first wife, he married Rebecca Petit in 1839. With Winthrop S. Gilman, he opened Godfrey, Gilman & Co., a commercial house in Alton. Godfrey served as president of the State Bank in Alton in 1835, and founded the Monticello Female Seminary in 1840. Religiously, Godfrey was a Presbyterian, and he served in the Alton church as an elder. In 1850, Godfrey gave his occupation as "farmer," and he owned $50,000 in real estate.

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