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Grover, William N.

Born: 1818-XX-XX New Jersey

Died: 1899-08-25 Warsaw, Illinois

Flourished: Warsaw, Illinois

William N. Grover was an attorney, justice of the peace, militia officer, Whig, and U.S. attorney. He practiced law in Warsaw, Illinois and, in 1843, voters elected him justice of the peace. He also served in as captain of the Warsaw Cadet company of the Warsaw Independent Battalion, a unit of the Illinois State Militia. He was in command on June 27, 1844 when the Warsaw Cadets allegedly stormed the jail in Carthage, Illinois as part of a mob and attacked and killed Mormon leader Joseph Smith and and his brotherHyrum Smith. Grover was one of five men put on trial for the murders but was ultimately acquitted. Shortly after, in July 1845, he married Cornelia Leonard. In 1850, he formed the law firm Hill, Grover & Hill with brothers Britton A. Hill and David W. Hill. They dissolved this firm in 1858, and Grover relocated to Saint Louis, Missouri. By 1860, he was working as an attorney in St. Louis and owned over $15,000 in real and personal property. In 1863, he received appointment as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri. He remained in this position until at least 1865.

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