Lindsay, John T.

Born: 1818-XX-XX Pennsylvania

Flourished: 1854-09-28 Peoria, Illinois

Lindsay, a lawyer, settled in Peoria, Illinois in July 1836. He married Sarah B. Patten on May 7, 1839, and the couple eventually had five children. In 1850, Lindsay was living with his family in Peoria where he was practicing law and owned $3,000 in real property. He supported the Whig Party and then the Republican Party. During the Lincoln-Douglas Debates in 1858, Lindsay was highlighted in an Illinois newspaper as saying that "Republicanism in Illinois has fallen so deeply into abolitionism, that he, as a lover of whig principles, and one who reveres the memory of Henry Clay, cannot support Lincoln, but will support Douglas." In 1860, Lindsay owned $22,500 in real estate and had a personal estate of $10,000.

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