Manning, Julius

Born: 1815-XX-XX Canada

Died: 1862-07-04 Knoxville, Illinois

Manning studied law in Canada, and in 1837, he moved to Knox County, Illinois, where he remained for about twelve years. There he practiced law and served as county judge several times. In 1842, he won election to the Illinois House of Representatives, representing Knox County, serving until 1846. In 1847, Manning married Virginia Hansford. He was a member of the electoral college for the presidential election in 1848. In 1850, Manning was practicing law and owned $2,000 in real property. In 1854, Manning and his family moved to Peoria, Illinois, where Manning formed a law partnership with Amos L. Merriman, a partnership that lasted until June 1861. In 1860, Manning had accumulated $5,000 in real property, with a personal estate of $5,000. Representing the counties of Peoria and Stark, Manning was a delegate to the 1862 Illinois constitutional convention.

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