McLean, James M.

Born: 1801 Logan County, Kentucky

Died: 1860-12-11 Lawrenceville, Illinois

McLean married Rebecca D. Marney on May 22, 1824, in Lawrence County, Illinois. He won election as a Whig in 1830 to the Illinois House of Representatives, where he represented Lawrence County. In 1832, he lost an election to the Illinois Senate, but won a seat in the Illinois House in 1840. He served as register at the United States land office in Palestine, Illinois, from 1842 to 1845 and again from 1849 to 1853. In 1850, he was a land officer living in Crawford County, Illinois, with his wife Rebecca. In 1860, he was farming in Lawrenceville, Illinois, and owned $5,000 in real property and $6,000 in personal property. Although they were friends and political allies, McLean was a defendant in five federal court cases in the 1850s, in which Abraham Lincoln was the attorney for the plaintiff.

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