Bloomington, Illinois

City: Bloomington

County: McLean

State: Illinois

Lat/Long: 40.480950, -88.991540

Bloomington is a city and the county seat of McLean County, Illinois. Located in central Illinois, 125 miles southwest of Chicago and thirty-five miles east southeast of Peoria, Bloomington lies just south of Normal, its sister city. Originally known as Keg Grove and Blooming Grove, Bloomington was home to the Kickapoo Indians until 1822, when white settlers began moving into the area. In December 1830, the Illinois General Assembly designated Bloomington as the seat of government for the newly-created county of McLean. The U.S. Post Office Department established a post office in the village in May 1831. In March 1839, the General Assembly incorporated Bloomington as a town, and in February 1850, town officials incorporated it as a city, which the General Assembly legally recognized in 1852. Bloomington became an important center for farming and coal-mining, and, along with Normal, a home of institutions of higher learning, with the establishment of Illinois Wesleyan College in Bloomington in 1850 and the Illinois State Normal School in Normal in 1857. In May 1856, Bloomington hosted a state convention of politicians opposed to the Kansas-Nebraska Act--a meeting that became the founding convention of the Republican Party in Illinois. The General Assembly re-chartered Bloomington as a city in 1861.

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