Summary of Legislative Debate on Bill to Elect a Public Binder, 9 February 18411
Mr Lincoln, from a select committee, reported back the bill for election of a Public Binder, with an amendment, securing the future work under the present General Assembly to Birchall and Johnson under contract made with them.
After some remarks by Messrs[Messieurs] Lincoln, Kitchell, and Brown, of Vermilion, without taking the question, the House adjourned.2
1This debate centered on HB 121, which was introduced in the House of Representatives on January 16, 1841. On December 19, 1840, Abraham Lincoln presented a resolution on expenditures of public printing. After much debate, the House adopted the resolution, referring it to a three-person select committee that included Lincoln. In response to this resolution, Joseph W. Ormsbee of the select committee introduced HB 121. On February 6, the House referred the bill to another select committee that included Lincoln. Lincoln from the select committee reported back the bill on February 9 with an amendment. In this debate, Lincoln defended said amendment when the House entertained a motion to table it. The House had said amendment under consideration when it adjourned.
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2On February 10, the House took up the bill and Lincoln’s amendment, amending Lincoln’s amendment by adopting an amendment adding an additional section. The House tabled an additional amendment by a vote of 48 yeas to 37 nays, with Lincoln voting yea. The House adopted Lincoln’s amendment as amended, passing the bill as amended. On February 24, the Senate referred the bill to the Committee on Elections. The Committee on Elections reported back the bill on February 26, recommending its rejection, and the Senate indefinitely postponed further consideration.
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