Promissory Note from James Primm to Abraham Lincoln, 20 July 18571
Thirty days after date I promise to pay A. Lincoln two hundred dollars with interest at ten per annum ^exchange on New-York^ value Received2
James Primm

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[ endorsement ]
This note paid to me in full, by conveyance to me, March 11, 1858— of Lot 3— Block 19 in Lincoln, Logan County, Illinois3
1Abraham Lincoln wrote this note, and James Primm signed it.
2Primm was a land speculator overloaded in real estate and in need of ready money. He requested a loan of $400 from former Illinois governor Joel A. Matteson. Matteson told Primm to sign a note and have Lincoln endorse it, which he did, and then Matteson procured a loan for Primm. When the note became due, however, Primm could not pay Matteson back, so Lincoln paid it, leaving Primm owing Lincoln for the loan.
Lawrence B. Stringer, History of Logan County Illinois (Chicago: Pioneer, 1911), 1:222.
3Lincoln wrote this endorsement. This lot was on the south side of the courthouse square.
When Primm was unable to repay Lincoln for the loan in currency, Lincoln received his payment in the form of a Logan County property owned by Primm. Lincoln maintained ownership of the property until his death.
Lawrence B. Stringer, History of Logan County Illinois, 1:222; Harry E. Pratt, The Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln (Springfield, IL: Abraham Lincoln Association, 1943), 67.

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Lincoln College Museum (Lincoln, IL).