Thomas Corwin to Abraham Lincoln, 27 August 18521
Private Strictly
Dear Sir
I rd[received] yr[your] note this morning2 asking whether in my opinion Ohio will give it's vote for Genl Scott,
I can only give you what as far as I know is the general opinion of those who are much better in formed on the subject than I can pretend to be This general opinion is that Ohio can & will be carried for Genl[General] Scott,
I do not deem it proper while I am here to take any part in popular elections & therefore write this, only to answer your inquiry & not by that you will in no way make it public3
Yrs[Yours] trulyTh0 CorwinA LincolnSpringfieldIll
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Tho Corwin
AUG[August] 28
A Lincoln Esq[Esquire]SpringfieldIllinois
1Thomas Corwin wrote and signed this letter.
2Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Corwin has not been located.
3During their convention in June 1852, the Whig Party nominated Winfield Scott as their candidate for president and William A. Graham as their candidate for vice-president in the presidential election of 1852, hoping that a Scott-Graham ticket would enable the party to remain bisectional and appealing to both Northern and Southern Whigs. Scott was the favorite candidate of most Northern Whigs, and Graham was a slaveholder from North Carolina. Ultimately, although many Southern Whigs were pleased with Graham’s nomination, they were far less enthusiastic about Scott. The contest was fairly close in Ohio: the total Democratic vote was 169,193, the Whigs garnered 152,577 votes, and the Free Soil Party received another 31,133 votes. Yet the Whig Party suffered a devastating defeat on the national stage. The Democratic Party’s candidate, Franklin Pierce, won 254 electoral votes to Scott’s 42.
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Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Allen County Public Library (Ft. Wayne, IN).