Check of William L. D. Ewing to Abraham Lincoln, 14 November 18441
$ 5 00/100
No 12224
Treasurer of the STATE OF ILLINOIS, pay to A. Lincoln or order, the sum of Five dollars and cents, it being in part for his services as Bearer of the presidential polls from Lawrence County to the Seat of Government2
Countersigned and Registered.
M. Carpenter Treasurer.W L D EwingAuditor of Public Accounts.

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A. Lincoln
1William L. D. Ewing filled out the blanks of this partially-printed check. Milton Carpenter also signed the check. Abraham Lincoln endorsed it on the back.
2From October 24 through election day on November 4, Lincoln traveled through Indiana giving campaign speeches in support of Henry Clay in the 1844 presidential election. On October 30, he was in Rockport, on the Ohio River in southern Indiana. It is likely that Lincoln traveled through Lawrence County, Illinois, on his way back home. Auditor Ewing paid Lincoln using multiple checks, for a total of $17.60. Three of the checks are extant.
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Partially Printed Document Signed, 2 page(s), Taper Collection, Lincoln Presidential Foundation (Springfield, IL).