The Select Committee to whom was referred the Bill, for an act to Establish and mintane a General Systam of Internal improvement, report, the Following amendments
4 Sec[Section] 7 Line Strike out the word, five, and insert seven, after the word members insert one from each Juditial Circuit.
18 sec 6th Artical first line after the word Hundred insert, and fifteen, 14 line strike out the word fifteen and insert Thirty.
7th Artical 4 line, after the word Vandalia insert Shelbaville
^not cond^ 5th Line after the word, Thence, insert via Savana.
8 Artical 8 line strike out all after the word County to the word for
9 Artical, 2nd Line after the word via insert Columbus and Clayton in Adams County[,] Mount Sterling in Schyler County and Meradosia.
Add a 12th Artical
A rail road from some Elagable point on the Illinois River via Carlton in Green County[,] Carlinville in Macupin County, Hillsboro in montgomery County, to the Senteral rail road so as to intersect the rail road from Tarrahaut to the same, and the sum of seven Hundred Thousand Dollars is hereby appropriated for the Complesion of the same
Add a 13th Artical
A rail road from Bellville via Lebinon to intersect the rail road from Alton to Mount Carmil, at the nearist and most Eligable point on said road.
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and the sum of one Hundred and fifty Thousand Dollars, is hereby appropriated for the Complesion of the same.
Add a 14th Artical
That there is hereby appropriated the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars, to be paid to the Winchester Linville & Jacksonville rail road Company, to aid them in Constructing the same, and Also the sum of seventy five Thousand Dollars, in Like manner to the Pittsfield and Mississippi rail road Company to aid them in Constructing the same, the above appropriations are Granted upon the Express Condition, that if the said Company or Companys, shall receave said appropriation or appropriations of the state, the state reserves the right and shall be Entiteled ^not adopted^ to at the expiration of Twenty years, after the said road or roads shall have been completed, to purchase the same at the original Cost, first deducting There from the amount or amounts so Appropriated as aforesaid.
2830 Add to the end of section seven the Following and the acting Commissioner for the fourth Juditial Circuit, shall Caws to be surveyed a rout Commencing at Charleston via the County seat of Clark County, to the most elagable point on the Grate wabash river, betwean Yourk and the Line dividing the states of Indiania
and Illinois, and make a report to the next Sesion of the General assemby, of the utility of the
state Constructing the same, together with Estimates of the [provisable?] Cost of Constructing the same

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 91, HB 96, GA Session: 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,