Certificate of Discharge for Travis Elmore, 29 September 18321
I CERTIFY, That Travice Elmore volunteered and served as a private in the Company of Mounted Volunteers under my command, in the Regiment commanded by Col. Samuel M. Thompson, in the Brigade under the command of Generals S. Whiteside and H. Atkinson, called into the service of the United States by the Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of the State, for the protection of the North Western Frontier against an Invasion of the British Band of Sac and other tribes of Indians,—that he was enrolled on the 21st [day ofApril1832, and was] HONORABLY DISCHARGED on the 7th day of June thereafter, having served 48 days2
A. Lincoln Capt.
1Abraham Lincoln signed and filled in the blanks of this partially printed document.
2At the outbreak of the Black Hawk War, Lincoln volunteered for the Illinois state militia. On April 21, 1832, Lincoln and other men from the New Salem area were mustered into a company in the 4th Regiment of Illinois Mounted Volunteers, and the members of the company elected Lincoln as their captain. When his month of service ended, Lincoln re-enlisted twice, for twenty and thirty days respectively, serving as a private both times. He was discharged finally on July 10, 1832.
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