Dickinson, David

Born: 1806-07-13 Greensburg, Kentucky

Died: 1879-10-05 Topeka, Kansas

Flourished: 1845-12-06 Lacon, Illinois

Dickinson graduated from law school in Richmond, Virginia, and moved to Springfield, Illinois, when he was twenty-three. During the Black Hawk War, Dickinson served in the same company as Abraham Lincoln. On December 3, 1833, Dickinson married Mary McKibbin in Springfield, Illinois, and the couple had nine children. Dickinson was a deputy sheriff of Sangamon County. In 1836, he became a minister and officiated at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Springfield until 1840. In 1850, he moved to Iowa, where he practiced medicine; but in 1860, he settled in Kansas for his own health reasons, and by 1860 he was living in Kansas Territory, where he was a teacher and minister.

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