Gregory, Charles

Born: 1797-05-28 Connecticut

Died: 1845-05-XX White Hall, Illinois

Flourished: Greene County, Illinois

Charles Gregory migrated with his father from Connecticut to Ohio when still a child. He resided in Ohio until 1818, when he moved west, landing first at Shawneetown, Illinois before journeying to Alton, Illinois. He remained in Illinois for a year, earning enough money to return to Ohio. He lived in Madison County, Ohio, and Missouri until 1821, when he removed to Greene County, Illinois, making a settlement at White Hall. He was among those empaneled for the first grand jury of the Greene County Circuit Court. He served as county commissioner in 1822, 1824, and 1828. In 1825, he married Elizabeth Woodman, a union that produced six children. He was captain of his own company during the Black Hawk War. In 1834-35, he represented Greene County in the Illinois House of Representatives. On December 5, 1836, Gregory became state treasurer, filling the unexpired term of John Dement, who had resigned on December 3. As stipulated by law, Gregory posted a bond for $50,000 to ensure proper performance of his duties. Abraham Lincoln was one of ten who signed the bond as sureties. Gregory remained treasurer until John D. Whiteside, his successor, received his qualifications on March 4, 1837. In 1836 and 1838, he ran unsuccessfully for the State Senate. In 1844, he became a colonel in the Illinois State Militia.

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