Morrison, John H.

Born: 1799-XX-XX Pennsylvania

Died: 1869-XX-XX Iowa

Flourished: Tremont, Illinois

Morrison was an early settler of Tazewell County, Illinois. He migrated with his family from his native state to Illinois in 1835, settling in Tremont. A supporter of the Whig Party, Morrison supported William Henry Harrison for president in 1840. From 1836 to 1847, Morrison served as clerk of the Tazewell County Circuit Court. In this capacity, he became acquainted with Abraham Lincoln and other lawyers working the Eighth Judicial Circuit. In 1850, Morrison was farming in Tazewell County. Between 1850 and 1856, he and his family moved to Marshall County, Iowa, where in 1856 he listed his occupation as landlord. By 1860, Morrison was living in Iowa City, Iowa.

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