Nance, Thomas J.

Born: 1811-09-17 Green County, Kentucky

Died: 1842-07-22 Cass County, Illinois

Nance moved from his native state to Sangamon County, Illinois, in 1832, settling south of New Salem, Illinois. A schoolteacher by trade, Nance opened the first subscription school in the area in December 1832. In 1833 at Farmers' Point, he organized a literary society, which he named the "Tyro Polemic and Literary Club" after the club to which he had belonged in Kentucky. In 1836, he married Catharine Houghton. Like Abraham Lincoln, he was friends with Mary Owens. In 1838-39, he was involved in efforts to divide Sangamon County into several new counties. In August 1838, he was an unsuccessful pro-division candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives. In November 1839, he won a special election as a Democrat for the House representing Sangamon, Menard, Logan, and Christian counties, finishing the unexpired term of Ninian W. Edwards, who had resigned. In August 1840, he was an unsuccessful candidate for the Illinois House representing Menard County. After that, he moved to Newmansville, Illinois where he farmed until his death in 1842.

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