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Inventory of Notes Due Estate of George Spears, 3 September 18381
The following is a correct list or inventory of the notes due the estate of George Spears sen: deceased— viz—
John Pemberton & T. J. Nance $ 50
Joshua Nance & John M. Bingley " 24
Jacob Bale & Benjamin Gibbs " 200
Jacob Bale & Levi Summers 30
Jacob Bale & James Goldsby 45.
Jacob Bale & Levi Summers 50
James Goldsby & Levi Summers 80
$ 479
Also, one note paid 20
^In addition to the above collected Interest^ " 499
$ ^559^2
George Spears Jr
Executor of George Spears Sen. decd[deceased]

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George Spears Sr
Inventory of Notes
$ 499.00
Add interest collected 60.00
$ 559.00

Filed 6th Oct 1838.
No 331
Estate of Geo. Spears Sr.
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the inventory in its entirety except the portion enclosed within carets.
2Portion of text within ^ ^s not in Lincoln’s hand.

Handwritten Document Signed with a Representation, 2 page(s), Box 1, Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).