Robert Boal to Abraham Lincoln, 7 June 18491
Dear Sir
Yours of the 3d inst was received on yesterday, I enclosed you will find what I hope will meet your wishes–2 Mr Ford has expressed his views in an editorial which he will send you,–3 I took the liberty of sharing yours of the 3d to me, to I I. Fenn Esqe[Esquire]– Having some personal acquaintance with Secty Ewing, he has written to him upon the subject of your appointment,
We all feel anxious that you should get the appointment, and would do any thing in our power to effect it, with my best wishes for your success4
I am now as always
Your friend
Robert Boal
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LACON Ill.[Illinois]
JUN[June] 10
Hon. A. Lincoln.Washington.D.C.
1Robert Boal wrote and signed this letter.
2Abraham Lincoln’s letter of June 3 has not been located. The enclosed correspondence that Boal references was not found with this letter, and it has not been located.
3Allen N. Ford’s editorial appeared in the Illinois Gazette, June 9, 1849. If Ford sent Lincoln a copy, it has not been located.
The Illinois Gazette (Lacon), 9 June 1849, 2:1.
4Boal references the contest to see who would replace Richard M. Young as commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office. Justin H. Butterfield, James L. D. Morrison, and Cyrus Edwards were among the early contestants. Lincoln entered the competition after learning that Butterfield was favored over Morrison and Edwards.
In early June, Lincoln asked supporters of his candidacy to send him letters to that effect. Presumably, he made the same request of Boal. Ultimately, neither Morrison, Edwards, nor Lincoln received the appointment; the job went to Butterfield instead. See the General Land Office Affair.

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress (Washington, DC).