Sec.[Section] 1st Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois Represented in the General Assembly,
That Wm Bennet of Jo. Davis County[,] Peter Butler of Warren County[,] and John G. Sanburn of Knox County be and they are hereby appointed commissioners whose duty it shall be to locate a permant seat of Justice for the county of Rock Island: and the county seat when selected and located shall be called Stephenson
Sec. 2nd, The above named commissioners or a majority of them shall meet in the Town of Farmersburg, in Rock Island County on the 1st day of may or within four months thereafter and after being duly sworn by some Justice of the peace faithfully to take into consideration the convenience of the people, situation of settlments that may thereafter be made the eligibility of situation for said Town: shall proceed to fix upon a place for the said county seat.
Sec 3rd, When said commissioners or a majority of them shall have agreed upon a place for a county seat as is provided in the 2nd section of this act, they shall make report thereof under their hands discribing particularly
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the place they have so selected to the county commissioners Court of the said County of Rock Island who at their next term shall cause the same to be entered on the records of said court, and the said place so selected shall be and remain the permanent Seat of Justice of the aforesaid County.
Sec 4th Should the said commissioners conclude to locate said county seat on private property or the property of individuals they shall ask and obtain from said individual a donation of at lest twenty acres of land, and shall also select and describe said donation in their report with certainty by meats and bounds as near as may be, Provided that should said proprietor refuse to make the donation herein provided for the said commissioner shall be required to locate the said seat of Justice on the nearest eligible Public Land and should said County seat be so located on public land the County commissioners of said county may proceed to purchase the same for the use of said county, and should the said county seat be located upon individual property the said commissioners shall take from such individual a deed
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in fee simple to said county for such land as may be so donated
Sec. 5th
The County commissioners Court of the next term after said location is made allow to said commissioners three dollars per day for the sums to be paid out of the treasury of said County.
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Passed H. R. Jan. 29. 1835.
D. Prickett Clk.[Clerk] H. R.

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A Bill for “an act to establish the County Seat of Rock Island County.
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to be Enrolled.
Clk. H. R.
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Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 132, HB 163, GA Session: 9-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,