Affidavit regarding Nancy Armstrong, 4 December 18461
Be it known that on this fourth day of December 1846 Before me Samuel H Treat Judge of the Circuit Court Judically sitting in and for said County duly authorised by the laws of the State to administer oaths Personally appeared Nancy Armstrong aged Seventy Nine2 years next Feby[February] and made oath under Power of Law to the Following [statmets?] and Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Provision made by the Act of Congress Passed July 7th 1838 (And also the Subsequent acts as 3 March 1843 and 17 June 1844) Entitled An Act granting half pay and Pensions to certain Widows3 That she is the widow of Robert Armstrong Deceased who was a Private in the army of the Revolution That Her Husband Robert Armstrong was out in the war of the Revolution and served three or four years, most of the time perhaps more– That he took his Fathers Place (whose name was James Armstrong) and went as a substitute. That he served in the militia ^in^ North and South Carolina & Georgia
That he lived in North carolina when they were married that he came there from S.[South] Carolina or ^Georgia 2 or 3 years before^ That she is unable to give his officers Names Genl Ashe Genl ^Sumpter^ and Col Little are two she believe he served under That he was in the battle of Brier Creek and there he lost his horse saddle & Bridle and great Coat.4 That he was in other engagements she fully believes as he often spoke of being in several Battles That he drove a team part of the time But was with the Horse Company generally

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That near the close of the war he enlisted for ten (10) months but did not serve ^but little of^ the time out because Peace was made–
That he never received any Pension or Bounty Land Neither has she ever received any– That She was marri^e^d to the said Robert Armstrong on the 22d day of June in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty seven (1787) ^# as per Family Record herewith^ that Her Husband the said Robert Armstrong Died in the County of Sangamon ^on edge of Morgan Co and buried in this C^ (Now Menard) in the State of Illinois on the 9th day of September Eighteen hundred and thirty four– That she was not Married to him previous to his leaving the Service but that the Marriage took Place Previously to the first of January Seventeen hundred and Ninety four to wit at the time above stated– That her husband the said Robert Armstrong for three or 4 years before his Death was afflicted with much head ache and his mind became much shattered—say about 1830 ^or^ to 1831– That she and all the family have often heard him relate the particulars of losing his horse & all his clothing but he and several others swam the [Savannah?] River and [...?] ^some^ Drowned and those that got through were much[?] and one man got an old Box and cut a hole for ^his^ head and put it on for a shirt– That there were two by the name of Nance and two by name of Carlin (one Thomas ^Tom^ Carlin) (Jim & Bil Nance) who were his associates and served some with him5 That she was not acquainted with him during the war and as he often spoke of Camden6 she thinks he was from that section of the country That he and Carlin while hauling salt from charleston run a narrow risk with the Enemy– That Robert Armstrong (her husband) Father’s name was James Armstrong and Robert named his first son after him– That after ^before^ she became acquainted with him they lived in crowders Co[County] so called near Kings MountainFurther near the south east– That of the foregoing which came under her own knowledge she knows to be true And of that part which she has been told her by her husband and ^above^
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others she believes to be true during the last sixty years and confirmed by those who were with him she fully believes to be true furthermore she saith not
Subscribed and Sworn to this 4th day of Decr 1846
Nancy X Armstrong
[ certification ]
Greene, FelixArmstrong, Nancy
Done in presence of us
J M Ta[?]Felix G Greene
, Also that the old Family tree in her Bible showing their ages was written by her Husband Robt[Robert] Armstrong and kept in their house and is the only Record we have– also the Bible is exhibited in Court–
Nancy X Armstrong
[ certification ]
State of Illinois
Menard County
I Samuel H Treat Judge of the Circuit Court of the 8th Judicial Circuit do Certify that Nancy Armstrong Whose Signature appears to the foregoing declaration personaly appeared before Me in open Court at the December Term 1846 and made oath to the same in due form, also that she presented her old Family Bible Containing the record of her Marriagge and her Husband and Childrens ages that it was their only Family record and Correct Given Under My hand at Petersburg Menard County Ills[Illinois] this 4th day of December 1846
Samuel H Treat,8
[ certification ]
Nancy Armstrong adds the additional statement in Presence of Abram Lincoln Member of Congress Elect from this Congressional District That her husband Robt[Robert] Armstrong was Nineteen years old when he took his Father James Armstrong place. That he was one of the County [?] in Tennessee ^state^ and was a Magistrate in this County a long time That the old bible containing their Family Record was exhibited to Mr Lincoln that it was in the hand writing of her husband– that she has no knowledge of any documentary evidence of the service of her Husband in the Revolutionary war. That Mr Lincoln knew her and her husband Robt– that they lived together [?] man & wife in Menard Co.
Nancy X Armstrong
Done in Presence of me
A Lincoln9

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[ certification ]
State of Illinois }
Menard county
I Nathan Dresser clerk of the circuit court for the county & state aforesaid hereby certify that Samuel H. Treat whose signature appears to the foregoing & within certificate, is one of the associate Justices of the Supreme court of the State aforesaid, and judge of the Eighth judicial circuit of said state, composed of the counties of Menard, Sangamon and thirteen others.
Given under my hand and the seal of the circuit court of said county on this 4th day of December A.D. 1846
Nathan Dresser clerk.10
1This affidavit was mostly written by Nathan Dresser. Abraham Lincoln signed his name to the third certification.
2“Seven” changed to “Nine”.
3“An Act Granting Half Pay and Pensions to Certain Widows,” 7 July 1838, Statutes at Large of the United States 5 (1856):303; “An Act Granting a Pension to Certain Revolutionary Soldiers,” 3 March 1843, Statutes at Large of the United States 5 (1856):647; “An Act to Continue the Pensions of Certain Widows,” 17 June 1844, Statutes at Large of the United States 5 (1856):680.
4The Battle of Brier Creek occurred on March 3, 1779, near the confluence of Brier Creek with the Savannah River in eastern Georgia.
David Lee Russell, The American Revolution in the Southern Colonies (Jefferson, NC and London: McFarland, 2000), 105.
5Tom Carlin, Jim Nance, and Bill Nance could not be identified.
6The Battle of Camden, fought near Camden, South Carolina, on August 16, 1780.
Lawrence E. Babits and Joshua B. Howard, Long, Obstinate, and Bloody: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2009), 8.
7Nathan Dresser wrote this certification. Felix G. Green signed his own name.
8Dresser wrote this certification. Samuel H. Treat signed his name.
9Lincoln signed his name.
10Dresser wrote and signed this certification.

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