Waller, Royal H.

Born: 1802-11-29 Royalton, Vermont

Died: 1866-09-29 San Francisco, California

Flourished: New York, New York

Royal H. Waller was a postmaster, lawyer, police judge, pension agent, and land receiver. In 1829, President Andrew Jackson appointed him postmaster of Rutland, Vermont, a position he held until at least 1835. In January 1830, he married Frances Page. She died January 13, 1833. In October 1834, he married Elizabeth A. Hodges. The two did not have any children together. In 1836, Waller and Elizabeth moved to Detroit, Michigan. Waller practiced law for several years in Detroit before moving to New York City in 1839 and opening a law practice, which he operated for approximately ten years. During this period, he became a member of the Whig Party. On July 15, 1849, he and his wife arrived in San Francisco, where he again practiced law. In 1851, he was elected recorder of San Francisco, serving as a police judge on misdemeanor cases. He held this position until January 1852, then returned to his law practice. In 1854, he worked as a lawyer and as commissioner for Ohio. In1860, Waller was living and farming in Oakland and he owned real estate valued at $13,000 and had a personal estate of $500. In 1861, he became an active Republican. He also began serving as a pension agent distributing army and navy pensions in San Francisco. He held this position until 1863. In July 1861, President Abraham Lincoln nominated him for receiver of the U.S. General Land Office at San Francisco. The U.S. Senate confirmed Waller, and he held the position until 1863. In late 1863, he resigned his position as pension agent and was made a paymaster in the U.S. Army with the rank of major. However, when he learned he would be headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, he resigned the position so that he could remain in San Francisco. Waller died after two years of failing health.

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