Petition of Alexander Evans and Others to Robert E. Horner, 8 July 18481
To Robert E Hornor Esq[Esquire] Doorkeeper &c[etc]
We the undersigned members of the House of Reps do request that A, G, Matlack be retained in his present situation as messenger
Alexander Evans, of Md.
Wm Nelson N.Y–
P. W. Tompkins
A Buckner.
Ricd Brodhead A. Lincoln
John W Jones.
J R Ingersoll Wm A Newell
A. H. Shepperd J Gayle W. Hunt
John W. Houston Wm T. Haskell
Hugh White

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[ docketing ]
15 Members of both Parties, in favor of retaining A. G. Matlock as Messenger Ho. of R[House of Representatives]
July 1848
[ docketing ]
He was retained to the close of the Session2
R. E. H.
DK[Door Keeper]
1The author of this petition is unknown. Abraham Lincoln and the other signatories signed their own names.
2The first session of the Thirtieth Congress ended on August 14, 1848.
U.S. House Journal. 1848. 30th Cong., 1st sess., 1294.
3Robert E. Horner wrote and signed this docketing.

Handwritten Document Signed, Harvard University