Receipt of John Taylor to Abraham Lincoln, 16 March 18361
No 15707
RECEIVED from Abraham Lincoln of Sangamon county, Illinois the sum of Fifty Eight— dollars Seventy five cents, being in full payment for the north part of the North. West— quarter of Section No. Three— in Township No. nineteen. North of Range No. Seven— West of the third principal Meridian, containing Forty Seven— acres and hundredths of an acre, at the rate of $ 1.25 per acre.2
$ 58.75
John Taylor RECEIVER.
1This document is partially printed. The blanks were filled in by John Taylor, who also signed his own name.
2The land described here is in northern Menard County, bordering the Sangamon River. In 1837, Lincoln sold a half-interest in the land to Gershom Jayne; in 1848, Lincoln, Jayne, and their wives sold the land to Pleasant Armstrong and John Yardley.

Partially Printed Document Signed, 1 page(s), Vault, RG 49, Entry Unknown: Records of the Bureau of Land Management, NAB.