Harrison Dills to Abraham Lincoln, 10 April 18491
Honl[Honorable] Sir
yours of 4th Inst is at hand in which you acknoledge receipt of letter & recomend for P. M.[Postmaster] here2if I had known who was offered and been at home I should not suffered my name to go thare but on 10 of Feby[February] I got home when matters had proceeded so for I let them go for what they ware worth, Rogers had gone on 29 of Jany[January] and lift a boy 16 years age in office who remainss thore to this hour Mrs[Messieurs] Browning Bushnell & Williams was at Springfield and had recomended mr Jonas if I had known this I Should not come in colision with J,– but thore is still a mystery about this matter yet I cannot solve no appointment is still made, the other man that was recomended I never beleived would get the appointment, a prominent Locofoco Informed me this morning that Mr J had been recomended to the Senate and rejected I asked how he knew the Secrets of the U, S, S,[United States Senate] he Said I know and that is enough, I Cannot Vouch for this incredible tale and give the soarce, if I had the most distent Idea this was true I would renew my aplication. I Say as befor I did not work for emolument, but if I could get this place I should apply my self intirely to its duties I am very greatfull for what you
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done, and Should any thing turn up that your friend should fail I should be glad you would render me your Influance but if thare is any chance for Mr J lett me pass,3 I am told that Strong Influance is tried to be brought to bear in favour of a man from another County, We had a trial of it once here in the person of a Mr Clifford from Alton sent by Capt Tyler who I am sorry to hail from the same state with
I am Very Truly
Your Obt[Obedient] Servant
H. DillsHon A. LincolnSpringfieldIlls[Illinois]
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APR[April] 11
Hon A. Lincoln, M, C,[Member Congress]SpringfieldIlls
1Harrison Dills wrote and signed this letter, including the address on the fourth sheet, which was folded to create an envelope.
2On February 19, 1849, Dills wrote t0 Abraham Lincoln about the office of postmaster in Quincy. Lincoln apparently responded to this letter on April 4. Lincoln’s letter, however, has not been found.
3Abraham Jonas became postmaster on April 23, 1849, and served until March 1853.
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Autograph Letter Signed, 4 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress (Washington, DC).