Amend by striking out 1st[,] 2nd[,] 3rd & 4th secs.[sections] bill & inserting the following viz:
That at the next General election for Governor & Lieutenant Govern there shall be a poll opened at every place of voting for said officers for the purpose of receiveing votes from all eligable voters, for the seat of Government and the following named places shall be put in nomination To wit Vandalia[,] Springfield[,] Peoria[,] Jacksonville[,] Alton and the vote of the people ^upon that subject^ shall be opened and compared with the vote of Governor & Lieut Governor ^and^ in the same ^manner^ by the next Genl assembly; and there the Genl assembly shall during that session proceede to select by Joint vote of both branches of the Genl assembly from ^one of^ the three points receiveing the Greatest number of votes for the permanent seat of Govern one for the permanent seat of Government of this state the place to be selected at The selection to be mad by an election of both branches of the Genl assembly and the no place shall be considered elected selected until it receives a majority of all the members voting
Smith of Wabash mo[motion] to amend this amt[amendment] by striking out also the 5th section of the bill
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Dement’s amt to seat Govrmt[Government] bill
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Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, SB 117, GA Session: 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)