Petition of Nathan M. Knapp and Others to U.S. Congress, [25 January 1848]1
To the Representatives of the People of the State United States in Congress Assembled:
Your petitioners, citizens of the County of Scott State of Illinois, represent, as they have often heretofore fruitlessly done, that they are without their due and just proportion of Mail Facilities. The County of Scott lies upon the Illinois River, comprises an area of about six townships or 216 square miles, with about 1400 voters and over 7000 inhabitants, an intelligent, reading, industrious community. The county seat, Winchester, is 10 miles from the river, some 22 miles north easterly from Carrolton in Greene County, 16 miles from Jacksonville in Morgan county. Most of the inhabitants of the county receive their mail at Winchester; and for this they depend upon a semi-weekly mail running between Louisiana Mo & Jacksonville; and as the important mail for this region comes by way of St Louis, it passes through a corner of the county about eight miles from the county seat, goes on to Jacksonville and there lies over till brought here by the Louisiana Mail, this occasions, two, three and some times more days delay in the Mail for Winchester, and when obstructions occur at the Illinois River, which is frequently the case, weeks intervene, to the very great discomfiture of the community and specially of the Town of Winchester.2 Said Town contains 800 inhabitants, has 10 dry Goods Stores, two Drugs & Chemicals two " Groceris, Six establishments for the manufacture of Stone-ware, three Steam Mills, two Water Mills, seven Smith’s Shops, carriage makers Harness makers, Patent Circular Saw Mill manufacturer, & all other mechanical business in proportion, also two pork-Packing establishments, Scarcely any inland town of its size transacts the amount & variety of business, that is done in & through the town of Winchester. Yet we have appealed and appealed in vain for adequate & proportional mail accommodations. Your petitioners are well aware that it would not be consistent with a proper policy on the part of the Government to create additional facilities if the whole benefit terminated upon the town of Winchester; but your petitioners conceive that an arrangement can be made, by which they can be accommodated in connexion with other places without being partial to any section:
The plan they propose is to have a line of four Horse Post coaches run between Jacksonville ^& St Louis^ so as to make between those places six trips per week, and dividing the route at Carrolton or White-Hall in Green County (as may be deemed most advisable) So that three trips per-week shall be made via Winchester from St Louis to Jacksonville & vice versa, & three upon the present route.
About one year ago Messers[Messieurs] “Hinton & Co.” made this arrangement and run till the company failed, only a few Weeks; but they reported good profits in passenger line during the time they run as there is much communication between this & St Louis and when the river is closed, as it is in the winter, the travel is all done through the stage line if running, & even when the river is not closed many prefer the Stage on account of the uncertainty of boats. Your petioners therefore entertain the hope that their wishes will find favor with your Hon. body and that the arrangement proposed will be made permanent. By effecting this the Louisiana mail may terminate at Winchester instead of going to Jacksonville & thus cut 16 miles off from that route.
The accompanying plat will give your Hon body a correct idea of the proposed route & enoble[enable] you to understand the prayer of your petitioners more clearly & they as in duty bound will pray as long as necessary but hope this will be their last prayer on this subject.
Your Petitioners, citizens of Illinois request your Honorable body to establish a Daily mail Line of Four Horse Post Coaches between St Louis and Jacksonville, to run tri-weekly through Winchester, and tri-weekly on the present route.
Names Names
N M Knapp Wm Akins
James R. Ross Jos Campbell
Danl Evans Andrew Louton
C C Roberts James Watt ^Winchester^
Theodore Thompson
Robert Young
W C Goldsmith
Wesley Taylor John S McConnell
Richard McGinnis
Henry Goldsmith Thos B Black
John L Coons John. N. Adington.
Joseph. Shnell
D G Hopkin
D. B. Watt. John. R. King.
Jas M Stanton James E Waters ^ John L Coons ^
Thomas Beall J. A. Whitehurst.
U. J. Devone
Amos Vertresse Jesse Smith
James Maxwell James. Rodgers
F. G. Hale Jeramiah. Langley.
Benjn Argust J J Evans
John Argust P. M. Winchester Joseph Chistesom
J G Winan Ago [...?] Wm Blakeney
T P Bowen
Peter Slagle W C Berry
[Jesey?] D. Shull W. P. Dayton S. M. I.
T G. Black Dr Seth Danson
Wm N Shibly John S McConnell Senr ^ [?] ^
A– Flynn John Pool Esqr
George Rode Solomon Welch Esqr
James Holder Bake Butler
William Gillham D. Watt
John A. Cox Wm McLaughlin ^$337 1/2^
John. Davis. Esqr Wm Adkisson
Jacob Bryan W. Starrett ^[?] ^
Thomas T Wells ^[?]^
Jonah Whitney Wm Riggs
Job J Reder. [...?]
William. Clark Samuel. J. Hopkins.
M. Clark. Charles Goldsmith
Jesse Estus James, Hanback
[Prom?] Shaw Jr Robert, Grooms.
Samuel S Ziegler B Baldwin
Robert Welch L. Cuvey.
T [Hauz?] W J Burgess
David Ross Thos R, Markiller
Oliver. S. Watt Carder
Johnithan [Stout?] C John [Pullan?]
Thomas Hart John G Baldwin
Edwd G. Miner Chas Willson
R W Loud D Johnson S. S. C. Ill. ^[...?]^
William S Wisdom Anderson Hope
Jacob Noyels E. S. Houghton
Casper. Shibe. A F Lindsey
James Onstot T B Ladd
Abraham Crabtree John Cowhick
[D Watts?] John Davis
W. L. Scoll Wm MDonald
<Page 2>
Charles R Stearns O Haynie
David Six John S Anderson
Joseph George George, G, Smith
Thomas Robinson Thomas Black
Jno H Markler E Wells
C B Dawson Jonathan L Stout
Harvey H Bryan Thomas Tucker
Wm Rowen Thos Morgan
S P Brown James Cheseldine
[Peter Swan?] John M Delapp
J Barrows Thomas F. Cook
D P Haggerd A. A. Hanlack
T Wm Davis Jacb, Hamilton
John Wilson Soln Farrington
James F. Walker Jas L, Ladd,
Wm J. Shibe C. W. Davis
Martin Todd Perry [Mackie?]
J. A [McNail?] J M Young
W. J. Woodward
J M Hawk Jesse Lewis
Robt Hester Isaac McLaughlin
R. C. Cumbey J. T. Ransdell
Wm Cumbey Jr Colman Howard,
Wilson M Hawk Arch Edmonson
William M [?] John Taylor
Samuel Willson
S. Jackson Delapp Jacob. Miller.
John McLaughlin Z, Dawson
Samuel. Weddle
E Price
S. R. Simms Scott Riggs
William. Henry John [Hareback?]
Names Names
L Berry John. S. Berry Es
Silas Flynn James Berry
Alfred Hagle
James Lister
J D Price
Edward Pricket
James [?]
E B Kirby E N Evans
Wm K York Oliver S Walt
[P. S?] Alexander Brown
James Stuart [Jehu?] Brown
M Mallory Thos G Black
Wilson Jackson Wm H. Lyman
Martin Nelson Adam Dorr
Sylvester Beckworth James S Shnell
T A Rosenberger Joseph H Berry
Robert Southwell
Jno. H. Rockwell Jos. W Van[?]
Wm D. Haggard
S R [Powers?] John Longwith
I. G. Killpatrick
D McConnel
John S McConnell
A. G. Gale Daniel Evans Jr
Jno Adkisson
T. M. Huddleston
Archy [Edmonson?]
Thomas Coultas
Jesse Dawson Jr
A. J. Pheonix
Thomas. Mudd
W H Wilson
Fry Farguson
Names Names
Danl D Brengle 1 John. C. Crabtree
A. M. Smith2 William Louis
Jno. Fisher3 Charles Q. Black
J C Smith4 James. H. Dawson
E. R. Dickson5 Wm Rian
E. Flynn6
Jas M. Ellis
Lewis Birdsill7
Thos R Roberts8 William Crimmon
Hugh Davis9 Logan. Evans
Edward [Northcutt?]
James W Cox
J. B. Whitney
James Hamilton John S Hankins
Benjamin W Moore John F Cumbey
Jonathan Louis E Eustace Cumbey
Isam Louis William Groe
Benjamin Scott Mr L Mallory
John. L. Field Foster Hawke
John. B. Davis Luther Christison
William A. Smith Wm Carlton
Robert Baines James Brissey
H Wesley H. Six John Lewis Sign
Jacob Baker David [Plathner?].
Archibald Northcutt Caleb Martin
Matison Northcut Wm H. Elliot
Ths G Beadles Hezakiah. Eavans
John Cline E– A Redman
Abner Cowgill Isaac Baird
William [kemp?] Abm Harkins
Henry Richey George Cochran
James M. Wilson
Thomas H Flynn James Smith
[...?] Hiram Welch
Daniel Adams S. C. Harville
R. H C Noll Samuel frame
John. D. Moore J W [Mely?]
William Evans James E Smithson
William Herring William Berry
Edw. Wilson James Scott
John Moody James Ewalt
John Abbott A. Hanggas
Henry Abbott E B Moore
John Vanzante James Campbell
Edward Cox Robert J Moore
William G Cox
A. C. Brown Federick Miller
Jehu Brown Benjamin Coop
Hugh Davis Jn Amos hog^d^es
Saml [Dranes?] Jas Mallory
Samuel Rockwood A. H Rice
Fredick Huffman J D Rice
Job Claywell
Samuel Campbell
David Dawson
Edward Sheroll
Wm M. Arnold
Milton Burch
Matthew Langston
Jacob Morris
R C Davis
Cyrus Moor
Murphey Kemp
James Besley
Miller Haney
Wiley Jackson
Balies E Moore
James W Ford
Jacob Breeding 350
John L Horn Beck
William L Hodges
Washington Mcconnell Md
Wm Strange
S. G. Peek
Alford Allen
William H Gregory
Overton Boyd

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[ docketing ]
[ docketing ]
[ docketing ]
The Petition of sundry citizens of Scott county Illinois, asking for the establishment of a Post Road therein named3 ^from St Louis Mo[Missouri]– to Jacksonville Ill.[Illinois]^
[ docketing ]
Ref– Com= on Post-offices & Post roads–4
[ docketing ]
Januay 25, 1848 Referred to the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads.
[ endorsement ]
A. Lincoln5

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[ docketing ]
Sketch of the Route
1On the back of this petition, Abraham Lincoln authored two instances of docketing and also wrote his name. Lincoln presented the petition in the U.S. House of Representatives on January 25, 1848, and the House referred it to the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, of which Lincoln was a member. On August 14, 1848, Congress enacted a post routes law that established a new route between Carrollton and Winchester.
U.S. House Journal. 1848. 30th Cong., 1st sess., 60, 287.
2Congress established a postal route from Alton through Carrollton to Jacksonville in 1832.
“An Act to Establish Certain Post-Roads, and to Alter and Discontinue Others; and for Other Purposes,” 15 June 1832, Statutes at Large of the United States 4 (1846):545.
3Lincoln authored this instance of docketing, up to this point. An unknown author added the interlineation following.
4Lincoln wrote this docketing.
5Lincoln signed his name.
6Page four contains a hand-drawn map that has not been transcribed.

Handwritten Document Signed, 5 page(s), RG 233, Entry 367: Records of the U.S. House of Representatives, Thirtieth Congress, 1847-1849, Records of Legislative Proceedings, Petitions and Memorials, Resolutions of State Legislatures, and Related Documents Which Were Referred to Committees, 1847-1849, NAB.