Petition of Nelson Bates and Others to Orlando B. Ficklin and Abraham Lincoln, [1847-1849]1
To the honorable O. B. Ficklin and A Lincoln members house of Representatives
Logan and
We the undersigned inhabitants of Sangamon, Logan and Dewitt Counties Ills would humbly request that you take the legal and necessary steps to cause a new post route to be made through said counties from Springfield Sangamon County to Mt Pleasant Dewitt County passing through Mt Pleasant Mt Pulaski (County seat of Logan through Clinton County seat of Dewitt through Marion to Mt [Mount]Pleasant there is now a state road from these two points opened and well worked and we the undersigned think a mail route on this road of the utmost importance no new post office need be established officers are now at all those points and supplied by short cross routes which can be dispensed with a private route now exists from Camden to Mt Pulaski another from Delavan to Mt pleasant passing through Clinton. The papers and letters from Springfield to Clinton & Marion go first to Delavan a distance of 45 miles then to Clinton distance 37 miles making 82 miles when the distance by Mt Pulaski is only 46 miles besides this the papers uniformly lay at the Delavan office one week & it is not uncommon for the Springfield papers to be two weeks going to Clinton and Marion as this will not infringe on any other and the people so far as we are informed being in favor of its establishment we petition your honors to have the same established
Respectfully Your Constituents &c[etc.]
Petitioners Names Petitioners Names
Robert Cass J. F. Greening
Nelson Bates Wm P Lawson
William H Little Jr Aarchibald Cass
Robert Cass Jr Jeremiah Pottle
Jeremiah Pottle
Archibal Cass
James Lynn
Wm A. Constant
John R. Barnes
W. Northcutt
Charles Dunn
H H Burch
A B Cast
James. L. Robinson–
John Hun[?]ss
William Harpole
William Stann
Garult Caughlin
Thomas Gunn
Robert McDaniell
James Haines
Alexander Ridgeway

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1This petition was written by an unknown author. It is unclear whether Orlando B. Ficklin or Abraham Lincoln presented this petition to the House of Representatives, although the document’s location in the papers of the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads suggests that it was presented and referred to that committee. The route requested was not among those created by an act enacted by Congress in August 1848.

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), RG 233, Entry 367: Records of the U.S. House of Representatives, Thirtieth Congress, 1847-1849, Records of Legislative Proceedings, Petitions and Memorials, Resolutions of State Legislatures, and Related Documents Which Were Referred to Committees, 1847-1849, NAB.