To the honorable the General Assembly of the State of Illinois
We, The undersigned, mechanics of the town of Springfield, ask of your honorable body, that an act be passed, incorporating them & their successors as the Springfield Mechanics' Union, for the following purposes, to wit;–
for affording relief to sick & disabled members, and the widows and orphans of deceased members; for the establishment of a ^common School and^ library; and for the promotion of literature, science, & the mechanic arts. And we pray that such powers as are necessary for accomplishing the foregoing objects, maybe granted to said incorporation
Simeon Francis John E Roll
Caleb Birchall C L Burge
R H. Beach George M Brown
Thomas Lewis E. M. Henkle
Joshua F Amos John Cradock
John Armstrong A Whitman.
John Way Eli Hay
John Connelly M C B[?]
Wm H Marsh G. A. Smith
Edmund R Wiley George Mier
Sterry S Kegwin Franklin F. Finney
Jno W Weber Adolphus Wood
Joel Newton Henry Oswald

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R F Coflin George Wood
John Cunningham John W Gray
James Gourly Jno Mc[Face?]
Walter Davis
W. D. Herndon
Geo R Weber

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The petition of the Mechanics of the Springfield, asking the incorporation of the Springfield Mechanics Institute Union
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Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Lincolniana, HB 29, GA Session: 11-S, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)