To the Honble[Honorable] the General Assembly of the State of Illinois.
We the undersigned petitions, citizens of Sangamon County, respectfully represent to your Honorable Body that the location of a State road1 from Petersburg in Menard County to Berlin in Sangamon County, thence thru New Berlin [to] the Rail Road Depot to Waverly in Morgan County. Your petitioners think that the location of said road would be of great advantage to the parts of the counties through which it would pass: they therefore pray your Honorable Body to pass a law establishing said road; and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c. &c.[etc. etc.]
H Yates Elis Wilcox
Wesley Thomas William Wallace
J. C. Payne Stephen Willot
Jno I. [Lowery?] A W Laurden
N. S Torry Elias Maxwell
Charles Hammonds Jacob Sears
Thomas Yates David Weger
A. Foutch Peter Beers
W. A. Scott Elias [?]
Thomas Etherage John Evans
W H Ellis Henry M. Harmon
John Foutch James H Senter
John S. Robinson William Bidinger
Thomas Foutch [Fielder Lowe?]
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Joel Maxcy
P H Smith Thomas Evans
William T Barret William H McMillan
Asa Harding L. H. Butler
Milton Douglass Samuel Powers
Anthony Shuff William R Tosh ^58^
[El D Dodd?]
Adam [Hauerber?]
Jas T. Hardin
Wm. A. Buter
Jno W Smith
Stephen Butler
O H Rush
A S Harmon
Thos. Pollock
Geo. Crain
William T. Payne
Andrew Scott
Henry Payne
Levi Harmon
Peter Poindexter
Charles S Parker
John D. Bevans
Leander Pusher
Saml Lucket

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[ docketing ]
Petition of citizens of Sangamon & Menard counties for a state road from Petersburg to Waverly.
[ docketing ]
named Harris
[ docketing ]
[rec?]. & refd to Sel. Com.[referred to Select Committee]
Jan 9th '40.
1State roads were those public roads established or designated by the General Assembly and usually crossed county lines. Only the General Assembly could establish, alter, or abandon state roads, until 1840 and 1841, when the General Assembly gave counties the authority to alter or to abandon state roads upon petition by a majority of voters in the area of the change.

Handwritten Document Signed, 4 page(s), Lincolniana Collection, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)