A Bill to Establish Certain Post Routes, 29 February 18481
H. R. 260.
(No Report.)
February 29, 1848.
Read twice, and committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union.
Mr. Goggin, from the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, reported the following bill:
To establish certain post routes.
1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre-
2 sentatives of the United States of America in Congress
3 assembled, That the following post roads be, and the
4 same are hereby, established in the States and Territo-
5 ries as hereafter expressed, viz: in
6 Maine IMAINE.
7 From Farmington, via East Strong, New Vineyard
8 and New Portland, to Kingsfield. ^From Stoneham via East Stoneham to North Waterford. From Bangor via Hancock Exeter. South Levant, Garland Centre. East Sangerville Guilford Centre to Monson County of Piscataquis^
10 From Northumberland, New Hampshire, to East
11 Burke, Vermont, via Guildhall, Granby and Victory.
From Townsend Vermont to west Townsend
From Grafton Vermont to Londonderry
From West Townsend Vermont to Windham Center
From Cambridge Lamoille County Vermont via Fletcher to Brookfield

<Page 2>
13 From Sharon, Potters county, Pennsylvania, via
^=^ 14 McKay’s grist mill through the valley of the Hono^e^yoye^e^
15 creek, to Wellsville, in the State of New York.
16 From Norristown, Montgomery county, to Allen-
^=n^ 17 town, Lehigh county, via Jeffersonville, Perkiomeu^n^ bridge,
18 Schwenkes’ store, Frederick, Colebrookdale and Emaus.
19 From Pottsville, Schuylkill county, to Millersburg,
^= T.^ 20 on the Susquehanna, via Llewellyn, F ^ T^remont, Bear-
^= o^ 21 mont, Wiconisca^o^ and Elizabethville.
^= o^ 22 From Stroudsburg, Mu^o^nroe county, to East Ster-
23 ling, Wayne county, via Brackleyville, Priceburg, In-
24 dian Hill, and Covesville.
25 From Penningtonville, Chester county, to the Buck
26 post office, Lancaster county, via Coopersville, Green
27 Tree Inn, Barts’ and Pasmore’s.
^Titus=x^ 28 From Oil creek post office, at Felters^Titus^ville, Crawford
29 county, to Columbus, Warren county, via Rome, Eldred
30 and Spring creek townships.
31 From Trexletown, Lehigh county, to Hereford, via
32 Middletown.
33 From Worcester, Montgomery county, to Centre
34 Square.
35 From Jonestown, Lebanon county, to Rherersburg,
36 Berks county.

<Page 3>
^3^ 2
37 From borough of Clarion, Clarion county, to bor-
38 ough of Ridgway, Elk county, via the northeast side of
39 Clarion river.
40 From Allen, Cumberland county, to Boiling Spring.
16 From Hollidaysburg, Blair county, via Alleghany,
17 and Ashland Furnaces, and Weakland’s, to Newman’s
18 Mills, Indiana county.
19 From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, via Camden, New
20 Jersey, Ellesburg, Fellowship, and Green Tree, to
21 Mount Laurel, Burlington county, New Jersey.
22 From West Philadelphia, via Kellysville, Lobb’s
23 Store, Springfield, Rose Tree, and Bishop’s Works,
24 to Howelsville, Delaware county.
25 From Sunneytown, Montgomery county, via Spin-
26 nerstown, to Emaus, Lehigh county.
27 From Emlenstown, Verango ^Venango^ county, to the mouth of
28 [...?] ^Ti^onesta Creek.
29 From Sunville, Verango ^Venango^ county, via Wallaceville,
30 to Dempsey. ^Dempsey^
From Cushingville Potter County to Spring Mill’s in the State of New york.
From Allen Town Lehigh County to Schneeksville to Kerns Mills,
From Norristown via Jefferson
Extension of Mail Route in Penna[Pennsylvania]
“From Norristown via Jeffersonville, Shannonville & Lumberville in the County of Montgomery to Phoenixville in the County of Chester.”

<Page 4>
^Virginia Pennsylvania,
P. O. P. R.
1 After the words “Boiling Spring,” on page 3, after
2 line 39, insert: From Avondale, Chester county, Penn-
3 sylvania, to Stanton, Newcastle county, Delaware.
4 From Gap post office, Lancaster county, via Hat
5 and Intercourse, to New Holland.
[From West Penn, Schuylkill county, to Le[...?] ] [ ^hi^ghton, ]

<Page 5>
Page. 4.
From Milan to Sandusky City
From Sabina to Centreville
From Georgetown, via New Hope Bruton & Greenbush to Fayetteville
From Wilmington via Martinsville Lynchburgh Dodsonsville Buford & New Lake to Georgetown
41 Maine I[OHIO?]
42 From Defiance, via Brunersburgh and Hicksville, to
43 Panama.
44 From Tiffin, via Van Buren and Independence, to
45 Defiance.
46 From Warren, via Hudson, to Brunswick.
47 From Lower Sandusky to Port Clinton.
48 From Hagerstown to Eaton. ^P. O. P. R[Post Office Post Road]^
49 From Jackson court-house, via Jackson Furnace, to
50 Portsmouth.
51 From Waterville to Bryan.
[52] From Waterford, via Watertown, to Barlow.

<Page 6>

<Page 7>
Page 5.
Strike all Indiana, and insert

From Putnamville, via Cataract Mills, Spencer and Whitehall, in the County of Owen, and Stanford, in the County of Monroe to Springville, in Lawrence county.
From Tipton, in Tipton County, via West Kinderhook, to Strawtown, in Hamilton County.
From Salem in Washington County, via Leesville, in Lawrence County, to Bloomington, in Monroe County.
From Muncie, in Delaware County, to the County Seat of Tipton County.
From West Unity, in Williams County, Ohio, via Angola to La Grange Centre, in the State of Indiana.
From St Joseph, via William’s Centre, Bannersburgh, to Defiance in the State of Ohio.
From Bellville, in the County of Hendricks, via Danville, to North Salem.
From Brownstown, in Jackson County, via David Bowmans to Nashville, in Brown County.
From Bluffton in Wells County, to Fort Wayne, in Allen County.
From Fulton to Linn.
From Round Will, to Arator.
From Buffalo, via St[Saint] Paul, to Forsyth.
From Richmond, via Far West, Maysville, and Gentryville to Athens.
From Gallatin, via Marysville, to Saint Joseph.
From Hartville, to Waynesville.
From Danville to Mexico.
From La Grange to Gashen.
From Vincennes by way of Dicksburgh in Knox County to Princeton in the County of Gibson
From Monticello in White Co[County] to Lafayette in Tippecanoe Co

<Page 8>
From Evansville in Vanderburgh county to Cynthiana in Posey county
From Perkinsville, in Madison County, via New Lancaster, to Tipton, in Tipton County.
From Evansville, in Vanderburgh County, to Cynthiana, in Posey County.
From Metia or Fulton, in Fulton County, via Perrysburg Niconza, Laketon, North Manchester, Liberty Mills, South Whitely, to Whitely.
From Washington, in Davis County, via Fayetteville, in Lawrence County, to Bedford, in said County.

<Page 9>
From Michicagn, in the County of Ingham, via Oneida, Chester and Vermontville in Eaton County, and Hastings, in the County of Barry, to Allegan in the County of Allegan.
From Battle Creek in the County of Calhoun to Michigan, in the County of Ingham, via Bellvue and Charlotte, in the County of Eaton.
From Marshall, via Olivet and Charlotte, to Michigan the Capital of the State.
From Hastings, in the County of Barry, to Vermontville; thence through Wheaton’s Settlement in the town of Chester; thence to Hoveys Settlement in the town of Benton; and thence to Michigan the Seat of Government.
From Marshall, via Eaton Rapids, to Michigan the Capital of the State.
From Hillsdale, Michigan, to Montpelier, in Ohio.
From Kalamazoo, in the County of Kalamazoo, via Austin’s lake, Vicksburg, John W. Backeys, Mendon, Sand Lake, Sturgis Prairie, to Lima, in the State of Indiana
From Brooklyn in the County of Jackson, to Grass Lake, in the County aforesaid
From Dexter, via Pinckney, to Howell
From Dexter to Michigan, the Capital of the State

<Page 10>
From Paw Paw, via Almina Centre, in Van Buren County, to Alamo, in Kalamazoo County, intersecting at that point the route from Kalamazoo, to Otsego in the County of Allegan.
From Allegan in the County of Allegan, via the Holland Colony, to Grand Haven in the County of Ottowa.

<Page 11>
^Strikeout all^ Florida and insert the following
From Tampa Bay, to Manta river, in the County of Hillsborough.
From McKeranna, in Walton County, via Alaqua Post office, to Milton, in Santa Rosa County.
From Jasper, in the County of Hamilton, via Blount Ferry, Robinson Ferry, to Centre village
From Marianna, to Ocheesee, to intersect with the mail route from Apalachicola, to Chattahoocha.
Amendments in Lieu of
the Bill

<Page 12>

<Page 13>
Strike out all Illinois and insert.
From Peru via Troy Grove, Ovid, Dewey’s Mills, La Fayette Grove, Kelly’s Mills, Stillman, and Kishwaukie to Rockford–
From Ottawa via Norway, Newark, Long Grove and Oswego to Naperville–
From Peru via Como and Genesee Grove to Mount Carroll.
From Galesburg to Knoxville–
From Wheeling (Illinois) via Long Grove, Gilmer, Forksville, McHenry, Ringwood, Geneva, Spring Prairie, East Troy, Elizabeth and Waterville to Summitt, in Wisconsin–
From Farmington via Fairview, Ellisville, and Virgil to Macomb
From Dixon via Prophetstown, Portland, Sharon, Green river and Camden to Rock-Island–
From Belvidere (Illinois) via, Roscoe, Force’s Bridge Davis’ Mill, Rightsell’s Mill, and New Pennsylvania to Shullsburg in Wisconsin–
From Sycamore via Coltonsville, South Grove, Hicks Mills, Lindenwood, White Rock, Paines Point, Daysville and Oregon to Mount Morris–
From Wilmington in Will county via Mazon, to Pontiac in Livingston county–
From Charleston in Coles county via Sullivan in Moultrie to Decatur in Macon county–5

<Page 14>

<Page 15>
From Kinderhook in Pike county (Illinois) to Hannibal in Missouri–
From Thompson’s Ferry opposite Cape Girardeau in Missouri, via Thebes, Santa Fe, and Smithland to Cairo–
From Peru via Perkin’s Grove, Ovid, Palestine Grove, Inlet Grove, Lee Center, Franklin Grove, and Light House Point to Daysville–
From South Port (Wisconsin) via Pleasant Prairie, Knox Cross Corners, Liberty and English Prarie, to Richmond in Illinois–
From Elizabeth via Freeport to Rock Run–
From Freeport via Cedar Creek Mills, and Oneco, (Illinois) to Monroe and Madison in Wisconsin–
From Carrollton in Green county to Winchester in Scott county–
From Mount Morris via Niles and Woodruff’s corners Farewell’s Ferry and Rock Run in Illinois, to Madison in Wisconsin–
From Waterloo in Monroe county via Red Bird, Evansville, and Ellis Grove to Chester in Randolph county–
From Joliet via Jackson Creek, Reeds Grove, Wilmington Rock Creek, Bulbonia, Mount Langun, Middleport and Milford to La Fayette in Indiana–

<Page 16>

<Page 17>
From Wilmington via Horse Creek, Yate’s Farm, Limestone, Sammon’s Farm and Spring Creek to Middleport–
From Fairfield in Wayne county to Maysville in Clay county–
From Littlefort via Wentworth, Angola, Antioch, English Prarie, Blevin’s Mills, Solon, Richmond, Alden, Cogswell, Bigfoot Prarie, Burton Corners, Wilmot, and Manley’s Prairie to Beloit in Wisconsin–
From Pittsfield via Washington, New Canton, Cincinnatti Piketon, in Illinois, Rallsport and Frankford to New London in Missouri–
From Virginia in Cass county via Keeling Berry’s and Otway B. Nance’s to Petersburg in Menard county–
From Peru via Selby, Princeton, and Crandells Ferry to Rock Island–
From York in Clark county, via Melrose, Martinsville, and Salisbury, to Charleston in Coles county–
From Freeport in Stephenson county to Elizabeth in Jo Davies county–
From Mount Sterling in Brown county to New Liberty in Highland county–
From Naples in Morgan county to Perry in Pike county
From Jerseyville via Otter Creek and Grafton in Illinois to St Charles in Missouri–

<Page 18>

<Page 19>
From Mount Sterling via Liberty and Richland in Adams county, and Kinderhook in Pike county to Hannibal in Missouri–
From Peru via Troy Grove, to Earlville–
From Mount Carroll via Pleasant Valley to Howardsville.
From Cass via Flag creek and Lyons to Chicago–
From Dorr in McHenry county, via ^Erin &^ Highland Prairie, to Geneva in Walworth county, Wisconsin–
From Dorr, via Hebron to Richmond in McHenry county
From Hickory Hill in Marion county to McLanesboro in Hamilton county–
From Littlefort via Gage’s Lake Hainesville, Forkville Lamar and Merona, to Chrystal Lake in McHenry county–
From Mount Sterling in Brown county via Garvish Mill to Griggsville in Pike county–
From Sycamore via South Grove, Hicks Mills, Lindenwood, White Rock, Daysville, Oregon, Mount Morris, Chamber’s Grove, and Mount Carroll to Savanna on the Mississippi river–
From Rockford via Kishwaukie, Mouth of Stillman’s creek, Daysville, Le Center, and Ovid to Peru–

<Page 20>

<Page 21>
From Charleston via Springville and Perry Brashear’s to Greenup in Cumberland county–
From Ewington, via Cochran’s Grove and Sullivan to Decatur–
From Greenville to Alton–
From Springfield via Athens, New Market, Walker’s Grove, Quiver, and Liverpool to Canton in Fulton county–
From Springfield via Mount Pulaski, Clinton and Marion to Mount Pleasant–
From Dillon in Tazewell county via Mackinaw Point, Hittles Grove and Mount Hope to Waynesville in DeWitt county–
From Rock Island, via Camden Mills, Orion, Andover, Red Oak Grove, Walnut Grove, Victoria, Rochester, Brimfield and Kickapootown to Peoria–
From Blue Island via Cooper’s Grove, Chelsea, Wallingford and Bloomsville to Bulbonia–
From Greenville in Bond county to Staunton in Macoupin county–
From Metropolis City to Jonesboro–
From Chicago via Gross Point, La Pear, and Oak Hill to Littlefort– 6

<Page 22>

<Page 23>
From Middleport via Worth, Quitman, and Butler, to Urbanna–
From Dixon, via Wilson’s Mills (South side of Elkhorn Grove) Millegeville and Black Oak Grove to Savannah.
From Winslow in Stephenson county, via Warren to Millville in Jo Daviess county– 7
From Dutchman’s Point, via Sherman and Emmett to Littlefort.
From Cass via Barber’s corners, DuPage & Vermont settlement to Oswego.

<Page 24>

<Page 25>
From Griffin to Newman,
From Albany, in Baker county to Thomasville in Thomas Co.
fr" Barrington Ferry in McIntosh Co. via Pendam’s store in Wayne Co. and Alabaham creek to Waresborough in Ware Co.
fr" Carrollton via Laurel Hill to Franklin.
fr" Carrollton to Van Wert
fr" Troupville, Georgia, via Clyattsville, to Columbus in Florida.
fr" Madison via Monticello, Seven Islands, and Jackson, to Griffin.
fr" Blairsville, Union County to Mount Yonah, Habersham Co.
fr" Dalton, Georgia, to Benton, Tennessee.
fr" Dalton via Spring Place, Murray Co. and Elijay, Gilmer Co. to Dalongeha.
fr" Rome, Floyd Co. via Cave Spring to Jacksonville, Alabama.
fr" Griffin, Pike Co. via English Mills, Fayette Co. to Newman, Coweta Co.
fr" Raysville, ColumbiaCo. via John Bently’s, to Lincolnton, LincolnCo.
fr" Traveller’s Rest, DoolyCo. to Florence, Stewart Co.
fr" Halcyondale, at the fifty mile station on the Central Railroad, in Scriven Co. to Reidsville in Tattnall Co.
^ Over ^

<Page 26>

<Page 27>
From Reidsville in Telfair Co. to the forty=five mile station on the Central Railroad.
fr" Buckeye Postoffice to Towersville in Laurens Co.
fr" Anderson in South Carolina, via Elberton to Lexington, Oglethorpe Co. Georgia.
^ out^ 8

<Page 28>

<Page 29>
159 From Madison, via Monticello, Seven Islands, and
160 Jackson, to Griffin.
161 Maine InteARKANSAS.
162 From Eldorado, in Union county, via Harper's, Fos-
163 ter's Store, and James Dyer's, to Athens, the seat of jus-
164 tice of Claiborne parish, in Louisiana.
165 From Washington, via Johnson's Mills, Neal's
166 Springs, and Russey’s, in Sevier county, to Baker’s Springs,
167 and Mountain Fork Cove, in Polk county, to Dallas.
[168] ^From Chickelah to Hot Springs^
249 Insert at Arkansas, after line 167, the following:
250 From Lost Creek, via Hester’s Bridge, on Hurricane
251 Creek, via H. Carr’s, to Pine Bluff, Jefferson county.
252 From Chickalah Village, Yell county, via Matthias
253 Harkey’s, via Jordan Thompson’s, to Morrison’s Bluff,
254 in Johnson county.
255 From Fayetteville, Arkansas, via Daniel Neal’s, via
256 Henry Hastings, to Maysville, Benton county.
257 From Wilmington, Arkansas, via Carysville, to Marion,
258 Louisiana.
169 From Hansonburgh, via Copenhagen, Thomas
170 Merediths', James Williams' Vernon, Duydemonia, to
171 Athens, seat of justice for the parish of Claiborne.
172 From Nachitoches, via Saint Maurice, Cedar Creek,
173 Salem Mills, John Lesle's, Wyatt's, and John T. Harris',
174 to Monroe. ^3-260-17 378^
175 From Bellevieu, in Bossier Parish, to Minden, in
176 Claiborne.
177 From Alexandria to Mount Lebanon.
178 From Fort Jesup, via Toro, to Burr's Ferry.
179 Maine InKENTUCKY.
180 From Mount Sterling, via the Beaver ponds,on Red
181 river, and the Estill Steam Furnace, to Irvine, in Estill
182 county.
183 From Grayson, in Carter county, via the precinct of

<Page 30>
^ 11 ^
<Page 31>
<Page 32>
^In Lieu of amdts in the printed Bill^
From Mount Sterling, via the Beaver ponds, on Red river, and the Estill Steam Furnance, to Irvine, in Estill County
From Grayson, in Carter County, via the precinct of Little Sandy, and Daniel Horton’s, to West Liberty, in Morgan County, and from thence via Hazlegreen, to Jackson in Breathitt County.
From Williamstown, via Fork Lick, Meredith’s, Collins’ and Logansville, to Leesburg
From Winchester, via Reuben Rucker’s, Walter Goude’s, and the Mouth of Woodward’s Creek, to Irvine,
From Kiddville to Walter Goude’s
From Pleasureville, to Owentown
^X^From Popular Plains, Fleming County, via Plummer’s Mills, Johns Mills and Triplett, to West Liberty in Morgan County.
From Thomas J. Dobbin’s Store, to Aaron’s run, both in Montgomery County.

<Page 33>

<Page 34>
From Taylor’sville, via Shady, Johnson County, to Paperville, in Sullivan County,
From Somerville, via Danceyville, to Brownsville
From Thorn Hill, through the valley on the North Side of Clinch Mountain, via Martin Cleveland’s and John Dobson’s to Blain’s cross roads
From Kingston, via Bellefontaine, Erie and Oxford, to Athens,
From Waynesboro’, to Florence, Alabama
From Elizabethton, via Greenfield, Blountville, and Arcadia, to Kingsport,
From Somerville, via Fayette Corner, and Estaunala, to Denmark,
From Benton, to Dalton, Georgia
From Jackson to Savanna in Tennessee

<Page 35>

<Page 36>
From Wetumpka, via Nixburg, Socapatoy, and Pinkneyville, to Wedowce
From Jasper, to Springville
From Russellville, to Buzzard Roost
From Huntsville, to Montgomery ^via Montevallo^
From Wetumpka, via Quitman, Chesnut Creek, and Wascahatchey, to Columbiana.
From Marion, via Dicken’s Mill, Brash Creek, Centerville and Jericho, to Marion.
From Moulton to Leighton
From the town of Talladega to Broken Arrow in the County of St. Clair
From Wetumpka via Nixburg, Socapotoy, Pinkneyville, Goldville, McDowell, to Griffin in the State of Georgia
From Blue Pond in the County of Cherokee, to the city of Montgomery, Alabama, via Jacksonville and Talladega.

<Page 37>

<Page 38>
From Shieldsboro’, via Gainesville, Columbia and Monticello, to Gallatin,
From Boloxie, via Augusta, & Ellisville, to Paulding.
^1^ From Belfontaine, via Grenada, to Farmville
From Ripley, via Campbelltown, to Aberdeen.
From Oxford, via College Hill, Lewellen’s Crossroads, and Robinson’s to Memphis, Tennessee
From Panola, to Coffeeville,
From Raleigh, via Fayetteville, Coates’ Mills to Ellesville.
From Williamsburg via Ellisville, to Paulding
From Paulding via Enterprize, to Daleville
From East Port, to Fulton,
From Hillsboro, to Raleigh
From Jackson, via Raymond, Cayuga, Rocky Springs, Port Gibson and Fayette, to Natchez.
From Paulding via Leakesville to Mobile, Alabama.
From Leakesville, via Winchester, Miltonville, and Quitman to Enterprise,
From Woodville, via Sibley’s & Harvard Ferry, to Stephen Kenedy’s (on the road from Natchez to Liberty)
From Vicksburg, via Warrenton to Grand Gulf – by land
From Hopewell, via Big Creek and Jones’ Mills, to Coffeeville.
From Salem, via J. H. Norton’s, & William McLean’s to Fenger’s cross roads
From Grenada, to Greensboro.
From Grenada, via Belfontaine, to Fame

<Page 39>
From Kosciusko, via Greensboro, and Houston, to Pontotoc.
From Greensboro, via Shingalo, Middleton and Carrollton, to Greenwood.
From Aberdeen, via Athens, Quincy, Splunge, Grubb Springs, and Hamilton, to Aberdeen.
From Macon to Prairie Point.
From Charleston, to Delta
From Delta, to Bolivar
From Bolivar, to McNutt,
From McNutt, to Greenwood,
From Charleston, via Tuscahoma and Smith’s Mills, to Carrollton.
From Coffeeville to Sarepta.
From Holly Springs via New Albany to Fulton in Ittawamba County.
From Delta via Hasting’s Ferry to Panola County
^From Holly Springs via New Albany to Fulton in Ittawamba County–^
^From Delta via Hasting’s Ferry to Panola County^
G. W. Jones

<Page 40>

<Page 41>
209 From Ripley, via Campbelltown, to Aberdeen.
210 From Oxford, via College Hill, Lewellen cross roads,
211 Robinson's, to Memphis, Tennessee.
212 From Panola, to Coffeeville.
213 From Raleigh, Smith county, via Fayetteville,
214 Coates' Mill, to Ellisville, in Jones county.
215 Maine nMARYLAND.
216 From Baltimore, via Cobb Hill, Fork Meeting, to
217 Bellair.
218 From Princess Anne, via Kingston, to Jefferson
219 Corner, in Somerset county. ^From Denton Caroline County, via Greensborough, Bridgetown, Beaver Dams, Long March, to Sudlersville in Queen Anne’s Co.^
220 Maine VIRGINIA.
221 From Blacksburg, in the county of Montgomery, via
222 Pepper's Ferry, in said county, to Newbern, in the county
223 of Pulaski.
224 From Martinsville, in the county of Henry, via
225 Rough and Ready, Prunty's, Union Furnace, Elamsville,
226 and Rock Castle, in the county of Patrick, to Floyd
227 court-house.
228 From Brooksville, in the county of Albemarle, via
229 Greenfield, Tye River Mills and Roseland, in the county
230 of Nelson, to Rose Mills, in the county of Amherst.
231 From Kingwood, in the county of Preston, to West
232 Union, in

<Page 42>
<Page 43>
233 From New London, in Campbell county, via Wade’s,
234 The Meadows, Halesford and Taylor’s Store, to Rocky
235 Mount, in the county of Franklin, and the turnpike road
236 from the said town of New London, to Rocky Mount,
237 when completed shall be, and the same is hereby, declar-
238 ed to be a post road, without regard to the intermediate
239 points herein named, if the same shall not be upon the
240 line of said road.
241 From Rocky Mount, via Saunder’s Mill, Long
242 Branch and Canady’s Gap, to Floyd court-house.
243 From Fincastle, in the county of Botetourte, to Cov-
244 ington, in the county of Alleghany.
245 From Mechanicsburg, in Giles county, to Perry’s
246 Store, in the county of Tazewell.
247 From Kenhawa, to Logan court-house, along the
248 main State road, via John G. Jones’, near the mouth of
249 Hewett’s creek, in the county of Boone.
74 Insert at Virginia, after line 249, the following: From
75 the town of Moorfield, in Hardy county, via the South
76 Fork, of the South Branch of the Potomac river, to
77 McDowell’s post office, in the county of Highland.
78 From the town of Huntersville, in the county of
79 Pocahontas, to Huttonsville, in the county of Randolph,
80 via Martin’s Bottom, Stony Creek, Old Field Fork of
81 Elk river, Big Spring, and Mingo Flats; thence to the
82 Valley river, and down that river to Huttonsville.
83 From Free Port, in Wood, at the mouth of Goose
84 Creek, to Ritchie Court-House.
85 From Clintonville, in Greenbrier, via Nicholas
86 Court House and Pocahontas, to Randolph Court House.
251 From Asheville, through Buncombe and Yancey
252 counties, via Garrison’s, Gilbert’s, Bull creek, Indian Gap,
253 Double Springs, Gahugens, Big Laurel, (across the State
254 line,) via Sulpher Springs, in Greene county, (Tennessee,)
255 and Love’s, to Lime Stone Spring, in said county.
256 From Lexington, via Fulton, Mocksville, County
257 Line, and Oak Forest, to Statesville; and that the route

<Page 44>
<Page 45>
258 from Salem to Statesville, be, and the same is hereby, dis-
259 continued. ^From Elizabeth City Pasquotauk Co. to Newbigon Creek in same county. From Floral College Robeson Co. to Rus. . .ville. From Lumbarton to Elizabeth[town] From Gravelly Hill by Peter’s Creek to [Fayetteville] ^
95 [fol]lowing: From Cedar Creek, in Greene county, Ten-
96 nessee, into North Carolina, via Allen’s Old Stand,
97 Joseph Rives’s Mill, to Bald Mountain Creek post office,
98 in Yancey county.
99 From Daniel Carter’s, via J. N. Anderson’s, on
100 Gabriel’s Creek, in Yancey county, via Bull Creek, Wal-
101 nut, and Brush Creek, to the Warm Springs.
102 From Warrenton to Shore’s Springs.
269 ry, Clear Spring and Gertrude Post Offices, to Jefferson,
270 in Cass county.
271 From Henderson, via San Cosme, (Solomon Gregs-
272 by’s) Letty’s Mills, Rusk and Munchison Prairie, to
273 Crockett.
274 From Woodville, via Sandy Bluff, to Beaumont.
275 From Tyler, in Smith county, via Grand Saline,
276 Bruten’s and Four Mile Prairie, to Buffalo.
277 From Marshall, via Belcher’s Ferry, to Tyler, the
278 county site of Smith.
279 From Tenant, to Buffalo.
280 From Tyler, in Smith county, to Palestine.
281 From San Augustine, to Marion.

<Page 46>
^ 15 ^
From Sherman via Coffee’s Bend in Grayson Co. to Fort Washita.
fr" Green’s Bluff, on Sabine river, via Lawhon’s Mills, to ^Burkeville^ the County Site of Newton Co.
fr" Lyon’s Post Office, Louisiana, via Green’s Bluff, to Sabine Pass.
fr" Mooresville in Bowie Co. via Old Hickory, Clear Spring and Gertrude Post Offices, to Jefferson in Cass Co.
fr" Henderson via San Cosme (Solomon Grigsby’s) Lilly’s Mills, Rusks and Murchinson Prarie, to Crockett.
fr" Woodville via Sandy Bluff to Beaumont.
fr" Tyler in Smith Co. via the county site of Van Zandt (Grand Saline,) Brutens’ and Four Mile Prarie, to Buffalo.
fr" Tyler in Smith Co. to Palestine.^[n-25-260-573?]^
fr" San Augustine to Marion
fr" Springfield, the county seat of Limestone, to Falls of Brazos.
fr" Houston via E. Bryen’s^yrens^ and F. Bingham’s, to Parker’s Point.
fr" Goliad to Port Lavacca.
fr" Milam in Sabine Co. via Housen Bayou (Pace’s) to Bear Creek.

<Page 47>

<Page 48>
103 Insert at Texas, after line 294, the following: From
104 Clarksville, via Tarrant, and the county site of Kauffman, ^f out^
105 to Buffalo.
106 From Warren, to Coffee’s Bend.
107 From Fort Washita, to Fort Smith.
108 From Henderson, via Belli^e^ view and Manchester, to ^E^
109 the county site of Upshur.
110 From Bonham, via Greenville, to the county site of
111 Kauffman. ^f out^
112 From Paris, in Lamar county, to Pine Bluffs, in
113 Red River county.

<Page 49>
114 From Henderson, via Peccantown and Sugar Hill, ^ c. out, ^
115 to Grand Bluffs, in Panola county.
116 From Port Caddo, via Clinton, in Cass county, to
117 Moore’s post office, in Bowie county.
118 From Fulton, on Red River, via Moore’s Ferry,
119 on Sulphur Fork, William’s Bluff, and Clinton, in Cass
120 county, to Jefferson.
121 From Beaumont, via Village Creek, Jefferson
122 county, and Jonas Cravy’s, in Tyler county, to Town
123 Bluff.
124 From Nacogdoches, to Ewingsville, in Angelina
125 county.
126 From Austin, via Cameron, to the Falls of Brazos,
127 and the route from Springfield to Buffalo, shall be so
128 changed as to pass through Tawackany Hills and Cor-
129 sicanna, the county site of Navan^r. r.^o. ^r. r.^
130 From Gonzales to Goliad.
131 From Corsicanna, the county site of Navan^r. r^o, via^r.r^
132 Porter’s Bluff, to Buffalo.
133 From Hodge’s post office, in Fort Bend county, to
134 Arnold’s post office, in Austin county, via Gasten’s,
135 Wade’s, and Stephen Tippett’s.
136 From Houston, to Gonzales, via Richmond, Co-
137 lumbus, and Petersburgh.

<Page 50>
138 From Galveston, to Columbia, via Virginia Point,
139 Liverpool, Gustavus Bertrand’s, Parker’s Point, and
140 Garen Hines.
141 From Passo Cavallo, to Corpus Christi, via Lamar,
142 Copano, and Arransas Pass.
143 From Lagrange, to Goliad, via Chisholm’s Ferry.
144 From Indian Point, to Victoria.
145 From San Antonio, to Victoria, via Goliad.
146 From Refugio, to Lamar.
147 From Columbia, to Matagorda, via Brazoria, Cedar
148 Lake, and Caney.
149 From Lagrange, to Texana, via Lyons, Peters-
150 burgh and Ken^rr^s. ^r. r.^
151 From Houston, via Fanthorp’s, to Springfield.
152 From San Antonio, to Laredo.
153 From Austin, via Young’s Settlement, to Caldwell.
154 From Braunfel’s, to Fredericksburgh.
155 From Washington, via Fanthorp’s, to Huntsville.
156 From San Felipe, to Washington, via new county
157 seat of Austin county.
158 From Corpus Christi, to county seat of Cameron
159 county.
160 From Corpus Christi, to Rio Grande city.
161 From Corpus Christi, to Laredo.
162 From the mouth of the Rio Grande, to Laredo, by
163 steamboat or land, via Rio Grande city.

<Page 51>
164 From Buffalo to Washington, via Fanthorp’s.
165 From Cameron, in Milan county, to Crockett, via
166 Nashville, Wheelock, Leona, and Alabama.
167 From Marshall, in Harrison county, via Hayne’s ^Hagans^
168 Ferry, in Upshur county, to Tyler, in Smith county.
<Page 52>
295 Maine IntMISSOURI.
296 From Alexandria, via St. Francisville, Wood’s Mills,
297 Fox, Bloomfield, Drakesville, Princeton and Knoxville,
298 to Fort Des Moines, in Iowa.
299 From Fredericktown, Madison county, via Daralt
300 Bollinger’s, to Lowndes, Wayne county.
301 From Brunswick, Chariton county, via Utica, to
302 Gallatin.
303 From Cassville, via Mount Pleasant, to Sarcoxie.
304 From Brunswick, via Compton’s Ferry, to Chilico-
305 the.
306 From Alexandria, to Winchester.
<Page 53>
307 From Alexandria, to Canton.
308 From Oseola, via Quincy, to Hickory court-house.
309 From Kirksville, via Lancaster, to Fort Des Moines,
310 in Iowa.
311 From Memphis, to Keosangua, in Iowa.
312 From Westport, to Harrisonville.
313 From Arrow Rock, to Georgetown.
314 Maine IntentiIOWA.
315 From Mount Pleasant, via Deed’s Mill, Brighton
316 and Oskaloosa, to Monroe city.
317 From Delhi, via Cascade and Green’s Ferry, to Ga-
318 lena, in Illinois.
319 From Quasqueten, via Independence, to Sturges
320 Rapids, Black Hawk county.
261 Insert at Iowa, after line 320, the following; From
262 The Raccoon Forks of the Des Moines river, to Council
263 Bluff.
264 From El Kader, to Jacksonville.
265 From Fort Madison, via West Point, Lowell,
266 Mount Pleasant, Crawfordsville, and Iowa city, to
267 Dubuque.
268 From Tipton, via Pioneer Grove and Marion, to
269 the county seat of Benton county.
270 From Cedar Rapids, Linn county, via the county
271 seat of Benton county, to the Falls of Cedar river,
272 Black Hawk county.
273 From Iowa City, via Wasson’s Mills, Washington ^county, Houston’s Point, Keokuck County and Sigourney, to Lancaster^
321 Maine InWISCONSIN.
322 From Southport, via Pleasant Prairie and Franklin,
323 to Antioch, in Illinois.
324 From Southport, via Pleasant Prairie and Walker’s
325 Prairie, to Richmond, in Illinois.
326 From Port Washington, via Salisbury Mills and
327 Horricon, to Beaver Dam, Dodge county.
328 From Geneva, via East Troy, Eagleville and Wa-
329 terville, to Summitt.
330 From Wanpun, Fon du Lac county, via Ceresco, to
331 Dartford.
276 Insert at Wisconsin, after line 331, the following:
277 From Darien, via Reed’s Corners, Richmond, and
278 Utter’s Corner’s, to Whitewater.
279 From Milwaukie, via Troy, Elkhorn, Delaware,
280 Darien, Allen’s Grove, and Clinton, to Beloit.
281 From Fond du Lac, via Humesville, to Plover
282 Portage, on Wisconsin river.
283 From Potosi, to Bectown.
284 From Summit, via Oconomewoc, Neosho, and
285 Maysville, to Fond du Lac.
286 From Janesville, via Stone’s Bridge, Fulton, and
287 Dunkirk, to Madison.
288 From Port Washington, to Fond du Lac.
289 From Sheboygan, via Maysville, and Henricon, to
290 the county seat of Dodge county.
291 From Watertown, Jefferson county, via Waupun,
292 Ceresco, Berlin, and Plover Portage, to Steven’s Point,
293 in Portage county.

<Page 54>
<Page 55>
<Page 56>
^ 17 ^
New York.
From Florence Oneida County New York to Osceola Lewis County
From Geneva Ontario County New York via Gorham Rushville and Naples to Dansville in Livingston County–
From Fosterdale Sullivan County New York via Callikoon Village and Round Pond to Rockland in said County
From Greenvile, Green County New York via Norton Hill to Oak Hill
From Gilboa Scoharie County New York via Jefferson and North Harpersfield to Davenport Delaware County
From Chateaugay Franklin County New York to the Canada line adjoining the North part of the town of Clinton
From Alden Erie County New York to Millgrove in Said County near the residence of Moses Case
From Williamstown Oswego County New York to Amboy Corners in Said County

<Page 57>
From Rome Oneida County New York to Vernon Center in Said County
From Augusta, Oneida County New York to Madison in the County of Madison
From Copenhagen Lewis County New York to via Boyntons Corners Worthville, and Jacksonville to Lorrane in Jefferson County–
From Jefferson Scoharrie County New York to Byrneville in Said County
From Elmira Chemung, County New York to via East Veteran and West Cayuta to Ithaca Tompkins Co–
From Lafargeville Jefferson County New York via Shantyville, Parker Settlement, Theresa Ox Bow and Caledonia to Governeur St Lawrence County
From Malan, Franklin county, N.Y. to Fort Covington, same county.

<Page 58>
^ 18 ^
New Jersey.
From Columbia in the township of Knowlton, New Jersey, along the Delaware river to Flat Brookville in Sussex county.
From New Germantown via Unionville to German Valley.
From Key Port, New Jersey, to Squankum.
From Tuckahoe via lower bridge on Cedar Creek, Seaville, Townsend’s Inlet, to Cape May Court House.
From Cranbury to South Brunswick, Middlesex Co. New Jersey.
From Philadelphia to Mount Carmel, New Jersey.

<Page 59>

<Page 60>
^5—32—260—716 ^
South Carolina
From Anderson via Seneca, Centerville, Steel’s, Churubusco, Milwees, and back to Anderson.
fr" Willow Grove by Sheto, Rusk’s Mills, Bethlehem and Taylorsville, to Willow Grove, being a circuit of thirty four and a half miles.

<Page 61>

<Page 62>

<Page 63>
[ docketing ]
H R 260, 599
no report
[ docketing ]
February 29, 1848
Mr Goggin from the Committee on the Post Office & Post Roads reported a bill (H R No 260) “to establish Certain Post routes,” which was read twice & Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union.
[ docketing ]
May 30, 1848
Re-committed to the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads
[ docketing ]
June 14, 1848
Reported back from the said Committee with amendments, which were agreed to by the House, and the said bill as amended ordered to be printed
[ docketing ]
A Bill to establish certain post routes.
[ docketing ]
[?] wanted by to morrow morng[morning]
[ docketing ]
1This draft includes the printed version of the original bill plus handwritten amendments. Abraham Lincoln wrote several pages of these amendments. The pages in Lincoln’s hand will be identified with footnotes. Lincoln wrote these pages in his capacity as a member of the House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads. Other members of the committee presumably wrote the other pages. This bill and amendments became the basis for the amended bill that received a second printing.
Due to their sheer number, the editors decided in this instance to forgo its policy of hyperlinking and identifying places in the text. Places in the footnotes are hyperlinked according to our editorial policies.
U.S. House Journal. 1848. 30th Cong., 1st sess., 60.
2“2” changed to “3”.
3The stricken, printed text starting with “Thirtieth Congress” and ending with “Union” has not been transcribed.
4“Embree” at the top of the pages for Indiana, Michigan, and Florida is most likely a reference to Elisha Embree, another member of the House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads.
U.S. House Journal. 1848. 30th Cong., 1st sess., 60.
5Lincoln wrote all the text of this page beginning with the centered heading “Illinois.”
6 Lincoln wrote all the amendment text related to routes in Illinois, starting with the center heading “Illinois” on page thirteen to the word “Littlefort” on this page. The page numbers at the top right corner of the pages are in another hand.
7Lincoln wrote these three lines of the text.
8The addition “out” indicates that the writer might have meant to strike the text “ From Anderson in South Carolina, via Elberton to Lexington, Oglethorpe Co. Georgia.”
9The House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads attached the preceding insertion--lines 249-58--on a scrap of paper which covers up the text beneath. The text beneath the scrap of paper--lines 168-78--is transcribed below.
10This image duplicates the previous image with the exception that text beneath the separate insertion has been exposed. All the text on this page, including the separate insertion and the text underneath, was transcribed on page twenty-nine. The editors have not replicated the transcription on this page. The reverse side of the scrap of paper that is visible was not intended for insertion here, and has not been transcribed.
11The printed text on this page appears in handwritten form on pages seventeen through twenty-five and has not been replicated.
12The printed, stricken text on this page appears in written form on pages thirty-two through thirty-eight and has not been replicated.
13The House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads attached the preceding insertion--lines 74-86--on a scrap of paper which covers up the text beneath. The text beneath the scrap of paper--lines 250-57--is transcribed below.
14This image duplicates the previous image with the exception that text beneath the separate insertion has been exposed. All the text on this page, including the separate insertion and the text underneath, was transcribed on page forty-three. The editors have not replicated the transcription on this page. The reverse side of the scrap of paper that is visible was not intended for insertion here, and has not been transcribed.
15The printed, stricken text on this page--lines 89-90--was intended for insertion on page forty-one. Lines 91-93 were deleted and do not appear on another page. Lines 94-102 were inserted on page forty-five. Therefore, lines 89-102 were not replicated.
16The printed, stricken text on this page--lines 169-89--appears on page seventeen in Lincoln’s hand. This text has not been replicated here.
17The printed, stricken text on the top of this page--lines 282-94--appears on page forty-six in handwritten form. The text has not been replicated here.
18The stricken text following--lines 255-65--was not intended for inclusion. This text has not been transcribed.
19The House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads attached the preceding insertion--lines 261-73--on a scrap of paper which covers up the text beneath. The text beneath the scrap of paper--lines 321-31--is transcribed below.
20The House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads attached the preceding insertion--lines 276-93--on scraps of paper.
21This image duplicates the previous image with the exception that text beneath the separate insertion has been exposed. All the text on this page, including the separate insertions and the text underneath, was transcribed on page fifty-three. The editors have not replicated the transcription on this page. The reverse side of the scraps of paper that are visible was not intended for insertion here, and has not been transcribed.
22This image duplicates the previous image with the exception that text beneath the separate insertion has been exposed. All the text on this page, including the separate insertions and the text underneath, was transcribed on page fifty-three. The editors have not replicated the transcription on this page. The reverse side of the scrap of paper that is visible was not intended for insertion here, and has not been transcribed.
23This bill plus amendments sparked a long battle in the House of Representatives over post roads and routes legislation arising out of the aftermath of the Mexican War. On February 29, 1848, the House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads introduced H.R.260 to establish post routes. The House re-submitted the bill to the Committee on the Post Office on Post Roads, and on May 16, the committee reported back this version of the bill plus amendments. Included in this amended bill was a supplemental section adding postal routes in Texas to the Rio Grande River. This section generated heated debate about the border of Texas. These debates led to disagreements about the geographical extent of American acquisitions from the Mexican War, and the Wilmot Proviso--disagreements that threatened to scuttle the entire legislation. On May 30, the House re-committed the bill to the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads. On June 14, the committee reported back the bill with further amendments. The committee retained most of the original bill and these amendments in the bill as amended. The House further amended the bill, and ordered the bill engrossed. Several Whig representatives moved to re-consider the vote upon engrossment, arguing in part that the bill as engrossed contained provisions extending the boundary of Texas to Santa Fe and the Upper Rio Grande--territory in dispute claimed by what would become the New Mexico Territory. Endorsement of Texas’ claim to a boundary on the Rio Grande would have allowed slavery to move further west into acquisitions from Mexico, blunting the Wilmot Proviso. The House delayed action on re-consideration until June 21, when William L. Goggin, chairman of the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, proposed a proviso disavowing any opinion on the boundary issue as a means to save the bill. This led to additional debate, and the House refused to re-consider the engrossment by a vote of 88 yeas to 87 nays, with Lincoln voting yea. The House also refused to table the bill, with Lincoln voting nay. Additional debate occurred on June 26, but the House never read the bill a third time.
The original version of H.R.260 plus these amendments were included in H.R. 599, which Lincoln introduced on behalf of the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads on July 19. H.R. 599 was largely the same bill as H.R 260 as engrossed, with the exception of a proviso added at the end as follows: “Provided, That nothing in this act contained, shall be so construed as to express any opinion as to the true boundary of any State or Territory therein named.” The House amended the bill by inserting provisions for routes in New Jersey and New York, and passed it as amended. Lincoln moved to re-consider the vote, but the House tabled his motion. On August 11, the Senate approved the bill with amendments. The House approved twenty-six of the Senate amendments, approved one with amendments, and disagreed with six others. The Senate, on August 12, accepted the House amendment to their amendment and receded from those the House rejected. The act, which included the proviso about boundaries in section two and routes in Texas to the Rio Grande, became law on August 14.
U.S. House Journal. 1848. 30th Cong., 1st sess., 467, 803, 855, 894-95, 916, 931-34, 955, 1069, 1261, 1267, 1272, 1282; U.S. Senate Journal. 1848. 30th Cong., 1st sess., 480, 548, 555, 560, 568-72, 579, 580; Cong. Globe, 30th Cong., 1st Sess., 398, 771, 835, 859-61, 872, 950-51 (1848); Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greeley; New-York Daily Tribune, 23 June 1848, 2:4; 26 June 1848, 2:2, 5; J. J. Bowden, “The Texas-New Mexico Boundary Dispute Along the Rio Grande,” The Southwestern Historical Quarterly 63 (October 1959), 224-28; Herbert Howe Bancroft, The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft Volume 16: History of the North Mexican States and Texas (San Francisco: History Company, 1889), 2:399-401.

Printed Document, 63 page(s), RG 233, Entry 362: Thirtieth Congress, 1847-1849, Records of Legislative Proceedings, Bills and Resolutions Originating in the House, 1847-1849, NAB.