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To the Hon. The Legislature of the State of Illinois
Whereas, By an Act of the Legislature of Ills. at a former session, a state Road, to lead from Crow’s in Morgan Co. to Musick’s Bridge in Sangamon Co., was ordered to be located & opened, the route selected under this “Act” was nearly universally unsatisfactory to the people in the vicinity of it; this dissatisfaction was made known to your Body at a subsequent session by forwarding a Petition, requesting a second review to be made— this was not attended to as was contemplated by the Law, so that, at present the existence of said Road is ^a^ fruitful source of dispute & discontent. The undersigned Citizens of Sangamon County do therefore most Respectfully Petition, that all Laws in relation to the above named Road be declared null and void, and hereafter leave the issue with the County Court of Sangamon and the people, to whom its settlement more properly belongs.
And Your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray, &c[etc.]
Names of Petitioners.
Michael Davis Names of Petitioners.
Jonathan Colby W. P. Remshaw
Job green James Black
William Pemberton Andrew P. Tannehill
James [Miler?] Samuel Combs
William Green John N. Combs
Robert Sidwell Thomas Combs
Willis T Nance Josiah Grady
Edward Potter Joseph Cogdal
E. J B Harrison Anderson Duncan
Lewis Ferguson1 Isaac Cogdal
Clardy Barnett Robert Bagby
Wm A. Pollard James. W. Bagby
James S Purvines J W McElwain
Albertson Smith Tarlton loyed
Wm Coats John M. Berry
george W Nance George M [Bowsly?]
[J?] Jonah Combs

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1 Elijah Houghton
Isaac Foster 49
Elisha Bone 50
39 Mentor Graham
40 Joshua Sayle
41 Harlan Gibson
42 Jesse H [Hergander?]
43 [Wm Ross?]
44 Thos Sayre
45 Frederick Minder
46 John E. Short
47 Henry Morgan
48 Samuel Dorrell
49 Calvin Pierce
50 Ed Creighton
Wm C Irwin
Henrey Miller
Isaac Smeck
Jessey Shurley
John Purcapile
George Purcapile
J[ohn?] Golesby
Moses Miller
John G Purvines
Dallis Scot
John Antle
“Petition for Road 1838.
Petition to Legislature.
1This person could be Lewis Ferguson Jr. or Lewis Ferguson Sr.

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Folder 100, HB 127, GA Session 11-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,