Fragment of Payroll for the Eleventh Illinois General Assembly, [24 December 1839]1
. . . 100[.][00?] . . .
James Craig 100[.]00 James Craig
John Crain 100.00 John Crain
J. T. Cunningham 100.00 James T. Cunnig[ham]
E. M Daley 100.00 Edw M. Daley
John Dawson 100.00 John Dawson
Jesse K. Dubois 100[.]00 Jesse K Dubois
Tarlton Dunn 100.00 T. Dunn
Wm Edmon[ston?] 100.00 William Edmonston
Ninian W Edwards 100.00 Ninian W Edwards
Asa Elliott 100.00 Asa Elliott
Wm F. Elkin 100.00 Wm F. Elkin
Allan Emmerson 100.00 Alan Emmerson
R. W. English 100.00 R. W. English
O. B. Ficklin 100.00 Orlando B Ficklin
Josiah Fisk 100[.]00 Josiah Fisk
Hardy Foster 100[.]00 Hardy Foster
Wm Gilham 100.00 Wm Gilham
John Green 100.00 John Green
Peter Green 100.00 Peter Green
J. Wilson Gouge 100.00 J. Wilson Gouge
Wm J. Hawkins 100[.]00 Wm J Hawkins
W. W. Happy 100[.]00 W. W. Happy

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John J Hardin 100.00 John J Hardin
Moses. Harlan 100.00 Moses Harlan
John Harris 100.00 John Harris
Wm H Henderson 100.00 Wm H. Henderson
John Henry 100.00 John Henry
Wm Holmes 100.00 Wm Holmes
John Houston 100.00 John Houston
Joseph Huey 100.00 Joseph Huey
Alden Hull 100.00 Alden Hull
Vital Jarrott 100.00 Vital Jarrot
Benjamin Johns[on?] 100.00 Benjamin Johnson
Gabrial Jones 100.00 Gabriel Jones
Germanicus Kent 100.00 Germanicus Ken[t?]
Gholson Ker[cheval?] 100.00 Gho. Kerchevall
Abraham Lincoln 100.00 A. Lincoln
John Logan 100.00 John Logan
Richard H. Kerr 100.00 Richard Kerr
James H Lyons 100.00 Jas Lyons
Saml D. Marshall 100.00 Saml Marshall
Wm S Maur 100.00 W S Maur
Andrew McC[ormi?]ck 100.00 Andrew McCormick
J. M Mc[Cutcheon?] 100[.]00 J M McCutche[on?]
1Abraham Lincoln signed his name.
2Section four, sub-section two of the appropriations act set the compensation for members of the Illinois General Assembly.

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL)