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Frederick Remann to Abraham Lincoln, 29 May 18491
Dear Sir
Some time since friend Kennaday received a letter from you on the subject of the Registers office in which you are Kind enough to say that the strongest recommendaton from this Land District, would secure in your opinion the Receivers appointment.2 In accordance with this friendly hint, I have made it my business to get an exppression of this District at large– In Fayette I have more recommendations than the Department will trouble themselves with reading– In Bond, such men as Plant, Smith, Dr Drake, Holcomb & dozens of others. In Shelby the Thorntons, May,3 Tacket, Gordon, Ward &c[etc] &c. In Effingham 100 Germans besides the leading Whigs. In Coles, Cunningham, Henson, Nabb, Apperson, Linder, (our district Elector on Taylors Ticket)In Macon, Pugh, Powers, Smith, and othersCumberland Marion Clinton, Montgomery, and Clay, the prominent men have signed my recommendationthese are all the counties in this land district . . .

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Besides– many of our old friends through out the state have written for me to the Department, I am4 still strengthening my recommendations by continued Names. I do not Know what the intention of the Department is about these offices in Vandalia— if they intend to remove I would like to have my case considered– And if you think from the representation I have made to you that I am the most numerously recommended I would like consider myself under Many obligations to you if you would mention by letter that fact to the Department. Be pleased to answer. And considr me ever sir and in duty bound,
Your trulyF. Remann5Hon A. Lincoln
1Frederick Remann wrote and signed this letter.
2Abraham Lincoln’s letter to James Kennaday has not been located.
3The Thorntons and May could not be positively identified.
4"have" changed to "am".
5Lincoln’s response, if he penned one, has not been located.
Remann was vying against James T. B. Stapp for the office of receiver at the U.S. General Land Office in Vandalia. Lincoln received several letters endorsing Remann. Kennaday was seeking to hurt Stapp’s candidacy by charging that Stapp was not a Whig. Stapp would receive the appointment and hold the position until at least 1851.
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