Petition of Nathaniel Niles and Others to Sidney Breese and Others, [8 January 1844]1
THE mail from Boston and New York via the National Road, through Wheeling, comes in ten or twelve days to Springfield—when it comes to Lafayette, on the Wabash, 160 miles from this place, in five days. It is suggested that the citizens of Springfield, and the populous towns proceed to call public meetings and petition Congress to extend the great mail route from Lafayette direct through Danville, Decatur, to Springfield, when it can be brought here in thirty-six hours, to the great benefit of the whole Western Country!!!
We, the undersigned, citizens of Illinois, believing the above statement correct, do most respectfully petition our delegation in Congress to bring in a bill to establish the above mail route, under the direction of the Post Master General.2
Nathl Niles S. H. Treat.
S T Logan
J. Young Scammon. J. B. Thomas
S. D Lockwood
M Brayman Wm Wilson
Virgil. Hickox J D Caton
M. Carpenter Walter B. Scates
Thompson Campbell Thomas C Browne
C H Lanphier
Chas B. Berrey3 A. T. Bledsoe
Th. H. Campbell John D Urquhart
John Tillson C. K. Harvey
S. Levering A Williams4
Ninian. W. Edwards C. R. Welles
J. G. Loose Geo. Tho. Davis
E. Bone Jas C. Conkling
E B Hawley N. D. Strong
S. S. Brooks. J Gillespie
Austin Brooks B. S. Edwards.
W. M. Farnsworth A. Lincoln
James A. Barret E Wright
D. M. Hitchcock5 James H. Collins6
H. G. Pius John T. Stuart
Geo W. Lowry John J. Brown
Jas. McRoberts7

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28th Cong[Congress]
1 Sess[Session].
Petition of citizens of Illinois for a mail route from Lafayette to Springfield
[ docketing ]
1844 Jan 8. Referred to the Comee[Committee] on the Post Office and Post Roads.
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Mr Breese
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Petition of citizens of Illinois for the Great Western Mail Route extension–
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1Abraham Lincoln signed his name on this printed petition.
3This individual could not be identified.
4This individual could not be identified.
5This individual could not be identified.
6This individual could not be identified.
7This individual could not be identified.

Printed Document Signed, 2 page(s), Vault, RG 46, Entry 401: Records of the United States Senate, Twenty-Eighth Congress, 1843-1845, Records of Legislative Proceedings, Petitions and Memorials, Resolutions of State Legislatures, and Related Documents Which Were Referred to Committees, 1843-1845, NAB.