Petition of William G. Jeter and Others to the Sangamon County Commissioners' Court, [30 November 1836]1
To the Honorable the County Commissioner's Cou[r]t for the county of Sangamon, Illinois.
We, the undersigned, citizens of Sangamon county respectfully request, that your Honorable body will pass an order for the establishment of a county road to co[m]mence at Middletown near Musick's bridge. Thence the nearest and best rout to Meaddows' Mill at the Sugar Grove. Thence, as near as the ground will permit, with the Section line runing one mile North of the Northern boundry of Townships Eighteen, to the county line.2
Edmund Greer Wm. G. Jeter
Hardin Thomas John Y Lane
Peter Summers Hugh Armstrong
Mathew Young Amos Ogden
David M Pantier D. H Rutledge
John Jones R A Clary
James Berry Noah King
Samuel Ritchie John M Rutledge
E J Robinson
James Watkins J M: Robinson
Lewis Watkins Tilman Hornbuckle
James Hornbuckle
Robert [Cowen?] Harmon White
Isaac Colson George Bowman

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Alexander Crawford Thomas Anno
James W. Estill
Coleman Smoot Benjamin Yardley
Philip Barnet George Penteycost
William E. Lowe James Denton
Wiliam Denton James M Rogers
Joseph Denton Wiliam Sampson
Thomas W. Ritter Walter Bracken
Wiliam Brewer John H Cogil
John King3 Arclaus Demmon
James Meders William S Day
John M. Berry Isaiah Lough
Michael Killion Jacob Williams
Peter Elmore Rober White
A: A. Rankin John Wright
James Estep George Power
John Hornback
Andrew Trumbau

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[ docketing ]
Petition for a road presented by C. Smoot
James Paintier
Wm Sampson
James Medows
deposits $9—
[ docketing ]
Road petision from
[ docketing ]
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the text of this petition, but did not sign it.
On December 5, 1836, Coleman Smoot presented this petition to the Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court, who ordered James Pantier, William Sampson, and James Meadows to view the road. The three commissioners reported back to the court on March 6, reporting that they approved of the road. The court then ordered the road to be opened and kept in repair by the county.
Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court Record Book D, 5 December 1836, p. 268, 6 March 1837, p. 288, Manuscripts Department, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, IL.
2The route described here runs through present-day western Logan and eastern Menard counties.
3There were two John Kings living in Sangamon County during this time.

Handwritten Document Signed, 4 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).