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G. W. Carruthers
Recommendations of by the Legislature
filed april 4th 1837.
G. W. Carruthers
1Abraham Lincoln wrote this petition and signed his own name.
2In February 1837, the General Assembly had passed an act creating a statewide system of internal improvements, which included a provision creating the Board of Commissioners of Public Works. On March 1 and 2, 1837, the General Assembly elected the first Board, which was comprised of Murray McConnell, William Kinney, Elijah Willard, Milton K. Alexander, Joel Wright, James W. Stephenson, and Ebenezer Peck. On April 3, 1837, the Board met for the first time and appointed Carruthers as their secretary.
Illinois House Journal. 1836. 10th G. A., 1st sess., 787-97, 811-15; U.S. Senate. 25th Cong., 2d sess. (1838), Documents in Relation to Internal Improvements in Illinois, S. Doc. 259, Serial Set vol. 316.

Copy of Autograph Document Signed, 3 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Association Files, Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).