Petition of John Strohm and Others to Zachary Taylor, [3 March, 1849]1
To His Excellency Zachary TaylorPresident of the United States.
The undersigned, members of the 30th Congress, would most respectfully recommend Nathan Sargant Esq[Esquire], the present Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives, for appointment as Register of the Treasury, if a vacancy should occur in that office.
We have long known Mr Sargant personally, or by reputation, as a man of high character, integrity and capacity. Honest and capable, he would discharge the duties of the office with honor to himself and with fidelity to the best interests of the Country.
As an officer of the House he has been courteous, prompt, systematic and correct.2
John Strohm ^Pa^
Chester Butler ^Pa^
G. N. Eckert ^Pa^ ^Pa^ John Blanchard
^Pa^ Lewis, C, Levin
John Freedley ^Pa^ James Pollock ^Pa^
Henry Nes ^Pa^ ^Pa^ A R McIlvaine
Alexander Irvin ^Pa^
H. S. Conger ^N.Y.^ J. W Farrelly ^Pa^
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F A Tallmadge ^N.Y^ R B, Cranston ^R.I.^
Dudley Marvin ^NY^
Wm Nelson ^N.Y.^ D. Rumsey ^N.Y.^
Corns Warren ^N.Y^ O. Kellogg ^N.Y.^
Gideon Reynolds ^N.Y.^
W Duer ^N.Y.^ E Sherrill ^N.Y.^
D. B. St. John ^N.Y^
Esbon Blackmar ^NY^ H. Putnam– ^NY^
William T Lawrence ^NY^ E B Holmes. ^NY^
P H Silvester. ^N.Y^ John Gayle ^Ala.^
Robt C. Schenck ^Ohio^ J Mullin ^NY^
D. M. Barringer. ^N.C.^ Daniel Gott ^N.Y.^
H. W. Hilliard. ^Ala^ Hiram Belcher ^Me.^
Robt L Rose ^N.Y^ A Buckner Ky.
G. Adams ^Ky^
J. B. Thompson Ky A H Shepperd N.C
A. Lincoln ^Ill.^ John W. Houston ^Del^
R S Donnell ^N.C.^ E Embree ^Ind^
J G Chapman ^Md^ J R. Giddings ^Ohio^
S D Hubbard ^Conn^ David Fisher
J. Dixon. ^Conn^ John A. Rockwell ^Mass^
William Henry ^Vt^ James Wilson ^N.H^
Wm A Newell ^N.J.^ Charles Hudson ^Mass^
John I Slingerland ^N.Y.^

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[ docketing ]
No 1.
Recommendation by the Whig members of the H. R.[House of Representatives] 30th Congs, of N.[Nathan] Sargent as Register of the Treasury.
1John Strohm authored this petition. Abraham Lincoln signed his own name only, as did the other signatories. The editors have assigned a date of March 3, 1849, to the document based on the fact that the Thirtieth Congress adjourned on that day, and Zachary Taylor was inaugurated as president on March 5.
U.S. House Journal. 1849. 30th Cong., 2nd sess., 672; H. Montgomery, The Life of Major General Zachary Taylor. Twelfth President of the United States (New York: C. M. Saxton & Barker, 1860), 404, 406-8.
2In November 1851, President Millard Fillmore appointed Sargent as register of the Treasury, and he served in that office until 1853.
Ben: Perley Poore, comp., The Political Register and Congressional Directory: A Statistical Record of the Federal Officials, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, of the United States of America, 1776-1878 (Boston: Houghton, Osgood, 1878), 229; H.R. Exec. Doc. No. 112, 33rd Cong., 1st Sess. (1854), 104.

Handwritten Document Signed, 4 page(s), Box 172, RG 56, Entry 228: Records of the Division of Appointments, Records Relating to Presidential Appointments and to Commissions, Records of Presidential Appointments, 1833-1945, NACP.