Petition of William Thomas and Others to Thomas Carlin, [April 1839]1
The undersigned would respectfully recommend to the Governor of this State, the appointment of Joseph Duncan, who is well known to have ever been an ardent and efficient friend of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, as a suitable and qualified person to negotiate the sale of the State Bonds authorised to be sold for the purpose of constructing the Illinois and Michigan Canal.
Wm. Thomas, George Smith,
Jos. Naper, * J. H. Murphy,
Wm. Compher,* Robt McMellan
John Houston* A Williams
Joseph Huey* Louis Roberts
William Gilham, John Henry
Jas McWilliams* G Jones
Newton Cloud* E Menard
W W Happy* Richard Murphy*2
H T Pace* J W Gouge*
William Edmonston* J M McCutchen
Alexander Philips E D Baker
W B Archer W A Richardson*
John Allen M Aldrich
John J Hardin O B Ficklin
Wm Holmes E Peck*
Wm Otwell J H Lyons
Jno Kercheval* Peter Warren*
W W Roman* Jonas Rawalt
Peter Green* W F Thornton
John Thomas jr * J K Dubois
Samuel Marshall Samuel D Lockwood
Richard Kerr Thos C Browne
Adw McCormick Wm Wilson
A Greer James Craig
Peter Butler* John Dawson
Jno Hamlin Wm H Henderson
Benjamin Mitchell* A Elliott
W J Gibbs* A Lincoln
G W Harrison E T Morgan*
Wm L D Ewing* G Kent
H Alexander* O H Browning
John Harris* Wm H Davidson
John Logan* James Allen
J Copeland* Henry D. Mills
W S Maus* John Murray
A Hull George Churchill
John Crain* Job Fletcher
E M Daley* R B Servant
J P Walker* William Orear
John Green* W Weatherford
A E French* Joseph Borough*
Willis Allen* S H Little
Allen Bainbridge* Wm Stadden*
Edw Smith* R Blackwell
N W Edwards Noah Johnston*
John W Read B Parrish*
V Jarrot John D Wood*
Benj Johnson James B Moore
W B Stapp William Hunter*
T Dunn B Monroe
C Thomas A G Herndon*
Wm F Elkin W Ross
N Walker.
Those to whom stars are affixed are Van Buren men.3
1This recommendation was later published in the Quincy Whig, from which this transcription was taken. Governor Thomas Carlin appointed Democratic former Governor John Reynolds to negotiate the loan in London. Duncan, the Governor immediately previous to Carlin, was a Whig.
2This could be either Richard Murphy of Lake County or Richard G. Murphy of Perry County, both of whom served in the Illinois House of Representatives in 1839, and both of whom were Democrats.
3Generally, supporters of Van Buren were Democrats.

Copy of Printed Transcription, 1 page(s), Quincy Whig (Quincy, IL), 13 April 1839, 1:7.