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Sec[Section]1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly; That there shall be two Terms of the Supreme Court holden Annually at the Seat of Government, & shall continue in session untill the business before it shall be disposed of; and any five of the Supreme Court Judges shall constitute a quorum
Sec 2. There shall be a circuit court held annually in each county, as often and at such time as (shall be provided by law at the court houses in the respective counties.) The Judges presiding in their respective circuits, shall have Jurisdiction over all matters and suits at law, and in Chancery, arising in each of the counties of their respective circuits, when the debt or demand shall exceed twenty dollars; and all the provisions of law applicable to the former circuit Courts shall be applicable to the circuit courts established by this act, and all the provisions of law applicable to the justices fo the Supreme Court heretofore appointed shall be applicable to the Justices of the Supreme Court elected by the present General Assembly
Sec 3 The Clerks to be appointed by the [?] 1
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said Circuit Courts, (by the Judges thereof) shall give bond, and take the several oaths in the manner, and as was required of the Clerks of the former Circuit Courts; And such Clerks shall have the power and perform such duties as was confered, and imposed on the Clerks of the Circuit Courts heretofore existing
Sec 4. The counties of Morgan, Mason, Cass, Scott, Pike, Ca[l]houn, Green, Jersey and Maccoupin shall constitute the first Judicial circuit. The counties of Madison, St. Clair, Monroe, Randolph, Washington, Clinton, Bond, Fayette, ^7.^ Montgomery, (and Effingham) shall constitute the second Judicial circuit. The counties of Jackson, Perry, Franklin, Union, Williamson, Alexander, Johnston, Pope, Hardin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Jefferson and Marion shall constitute the Third Judicial Circuit. The counties of White, Wayne, Wabash, Edwards, Clay, ^15^ Lawrence, Crawford, Jasper, Clark, Edgar, ^16^ and Vermilion shall constitute the fourth Judicial Circuit The counties of Schuyler, Brown, Adams, Hancock, McDonough, Warren Henderson, Knox, and Fulton shall
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constitute the fifth Judicial circuit. The counties of JoDaviess, Stephenson, Winnebago, Boone, Lee, Carroll, Whiteside, Rock Island, Mercer, and Henry shall constitute the Sixth Judicial circuit. The counties of Cook, Will, Iroquois, Dupage, ^27^ (Kane,) McHenry, and Lake shall constitute the Seventh Judicial Circuit. The counties of Menard, Sangamon, Christian, Logan, Shelby, Macon, Dewit, McLean, Champaigne, Tazwell and Mason, Piatt and Livingston shall constitute the Eighth Judicial Circuit. And the counties of Peoria, Marshall, Putnam, Lasalle, Kendall (Grundy,) ^36^ DeKalb, Ogle, Bureau, and Stark shall constitute the ninth Judicial Circuit
Sec 5. The Justices of the Supreme Court elected by the present General Assembly shall each receive a salary of fifteen hundred dollars per annum, to be paid quarterly, upon the Warrant of the Auditor, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated
Sec 6. All the official acts of the Clerks of the former Circuit Courts, which have been done, or which may be done (according to laws) untill appointments can be made, shall be valid and effectual
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as if no change had been made.
Sec 7. All Indictments, information, recognizances, suits, motions, Writs, process and proceedings, of every description, Civil, Criminal, and in Chancery, which ^5^ shall be commenced returnable to, or pending in, any of the Circuit Courts heretofore existing, shall be continued over, returnable to, and made pending in, the Circuit Courts created by this Act; and all writs, petitions, declarations, recognizances, process and proceedings which shall be issued, taken, filed, or returnable to, or for appearance in the ^14^ circuit Courts of this state, before the statutes passed at this session of the General Assembly shall be printed, and Circulated in the respective counties, shall be considered as returnable to, pending, and for appearance in the Circuit Courts created by this act
Sec 8. All the provisions of law heretofore existing, requiring the Justices of the Supreme Court to hold circuit courts, and regulating their powers and duties, are hereby reenacted, and made applicable to them as Judges of the Circuit Courts under this act.
Passed the Senate Feby 11, 1841
M L Covell Secty[Secretary]

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No 167
A Bill for an Act to establish Circuit Courts
[Re?] Eng.[Engrossed]
ord 2
ord[ordered] 3
as amended
to be Engrossed
as amended
M L Covell
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Handwritten Document, 6 page(s), Folder 361, SB 169, GA Session 12-2, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,