Petition of Thomas J. Nance and Others to the Sangamon County Commissioners' Court, August 18361
To the Honorable the County Commissioners' Court of Sangamon County Illinois—
Whereas, in the opinion of the under-signed petitioners the "public good" requires that said Court take suitable steps to furnish "Scrapers" on the public roads within the County, not only for the purpose of economizing labor, but for the more necessary and laudable object of facilitating, cheapening and comforting the business and travelling operations of our common Country.2 Your petioners will not presume to extend remarks or argue the propriety of the above suggestins, believing that the Court will fully appreciate this hint, sanctioned alike by "Law" and the just claims of the road-laboring community— And whereas, a "Road Tax" was laid on lands for 1836 by sd[said] Court the labor accrueing to roads from which source will be applied this coming fall, we further suggest the propriety of attending forthwith to this request, that we may enjoy the use of such improvements as may be made in our roads—3
Names Names. Names.
Thos J. Nance James Black
Thomas Wynne John Duncan Birch Vermilion
Henry Miller Coonrod Elmore William Irwin
Charles J. F. Clarke. L. B. Wynne James Purkapile
Jeremiah Thompson James Goldsby Jesse Shirley
Andrew Maltby Elijah Potter Jona Philpott
Jessy Griffin Josepeh Cogdal William T H Duncan
George Miller John pemberton Thomas Miller
Cason pembrton William Pemborton jnr.[junior] William [Peek?]
E. J B Harrison John Wiseman
Robert Bagby Elgah Codgal George Batterton
John Bell Mathew Vermillion Solomon M Daborde
Clardey Barnet Benjamin Wiseman Will. B Gordon

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Major Daniel Isaac Teter
William Hohimer Thomas Dinwiddie
Nelson R [Ashurst?] G S Barnes
Allen Q. Nance Alexr Trent
George W. Nance [Groty Loman?]
Isacc Cogdal William Sail
Anderson Duncan
Zeno A Plunket A Lincoln
James Philpott Wm Armstrong
James Pantier Shepperd Gum
Peter Elmore Martin Waddle
John [McWelton?] G A Davidson
Joshua Short
David M Pantier Isaiah Sail
D H Rutledge
Nicholas [Bunn?] Walter Bracken
Matthews Young
Zachri Clary4 Jacob West
Elijah Jones John Hornback
Anno Ritter Thos S [Speed?]
Obadiah Short C. B. Waldo
Reason Shipley Thomas Dowell
Mathew Holland Francis Regnier
Jacob Bale
W W Bennett Wm A. Pollard
N. Dresser Philemon Morriss
W. P. Boyce

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Sevigna Houghton
Benjamin Pollard Thomas Epprson
Aron Green Isaac Bery
Alexander [Slured?] Jeramiah Graham
John Smith Benjamin Yardley
Abner Baxter James Greenwood
Peter Brahm Bennett Abell
R E Bennett John B. Wynne5
Carlton Sampson John [Jarans?]
R. T. Irwin
Jno Bennett Hiram Penny
P. Simmons John Houghton
George M Saunders Joshua Beauchamp
Jno Sampson W P Grimsley
Wm A Brady Elijah Houghton
Daniel Cetcham
C [?]. Morris Reuben Harrison
Lewis Watkins John Taylor
Barton Robinson James Primm
Hugh Armstrong D. Dickinson
Mentor Graham J. Calhoun
John D Waldo J. B. Backinstoes
William McDaniel Caleb Wall
Andrew J Davidson
John Cleary Saml Morris

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John W Taylor
[ docketing ]
Petition for Road Scrapers
No 20
[ docketing ]
1Abraham Lincoln signed his name to this petition. It is unclear whether the petition was presented to the Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court.
2The petitioners are likely requesting that horse-drawn road graders be utilized on county roads.
3The Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court assessed a road tax on March 9, 1836.
Minutes, 9 March 1836, Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court Record Book D, 194, Manuscripts Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield IL.
5This could be Lewis B. Wynne.

Handwritten Document Signed, 4 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).