Petition of James McCormick and Others to the Sangamon County Commissioners' Court, [23 May 1839]1
To the Honorable, the County Commissioner’s Court for the county of Sangamon
We, the undersigned, citizens of the Upper and Lower Lick Creek Justices Districts respectfully request that the said two Districts be thrown into one, and that there be but two Justices & two Constables therein—
John Grass
James McCormick Brice Ware
John Greenwood E Colburn
Jacob Miller2 John T Wyckoff
Allen Bridges David Phelps
Alfred Campbell
Thos A Gruning Samuel Wyckoff
Robert Campbell
David Alexander Gershom Dorrance
Arthur Witt John Johnson
Adin E. Meacham
Dr [H. ?]Lindsay Henry Kinney Ju
George. W. Heath
Stephen B. Neal John Campbell
William Shelton Geo [Davis?]
D F M Comas John Foutch
Robert Sweet Major Kinney
Elisha McComas
Achilles Morris Daniel Sweet
Jonas Smith. Morris Sweet
Asa L. Morris Jas
Geo W Foster James D Wear
Seth. R. Cutter John B Hinman
Albartes Barger E— Barbre

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H C Goodell Stephen workman
Alen snider
John Weir Henry Hall
E Goodell3 Wesly Freeland
[?] Goodell John Hudson4
George Beach William Workman
Levi J. Sweet William Turpin
John Darneille James McMillion
H N Hamlin Thomas Cassidy
John Witt James Weir
Samuel Harbour Daniel Staley
Jeremiah Campbell Woodford Turpin
Wm H Gibson Johnson Isaac
Stephen Sowell workman
Wm Mckee John Jones
James Shelton
John Campbell James Hays
John A Neal Hugh Jones
John Baker George Bilyeu
Washington Hall
David Hays John H Bilyeu
John Harreld John Graham
Thompson Hall Wm Greenwood
Jamiah More
Charles Bridges J C B Morris5
Aaron Hall M. A. Morris
david workman Wm D Weir
John Sparks
Emanuel Jones Jacob [?]
geore davis David. E. Gibson
James Jones Thomas Baker.6
Joseph Bridges
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the text of the petition.
According to Roy P. Basler, the signers of this petition and different signers of two petitions bearing the same wording, but not in Lincoln’s hand, filed these documents with the Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court on May 23, 1839. The Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court Record Book owned by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library makes no mention of these petitions.
Roy P. Basler, ed., The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1974), 10:3.
2There were two adult males named Jacob Miller living in Sangamon County from at least 1830 to 1840; it is impossible to determine to which person this refers.
3This individual could not be identified.
4There were two adult men named John Hudson living in the Loami area of Sangamon County during this time; it is impossible to determine to which person this refers.
5This individual could not be identified.
6There are multiple men of that name in Sangamon County in the 1830s and 1840s; it is impossible to determine to which person this refers.

Copy of Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Association Files, Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).