Petition of Alexander Fisher and Others to Thomas Carlin, 2 April 18421
To his Excellency, Thomas Carlin, Governor of the State of Illinois
The undersigned, your petitioners, respectfully represent that Michael Hill has, at the March term (now in session) of the Sangamon Circuit court, been tried on an indictment for manslaughter, and a verdict of guilty, and that he be confined in the penitentiary for the term of one year and ten days found against him; that your petitioners are the jurors that rendered the verdict; that, under their oaths, they felt it their duty to render such verdict as they did, but that, considering the circumstances, they deem Mr Hill a most fit subject for the Executive clemency; that he is an elderly, respectable, and peaceful citizen, with a large and respected family; that he was highly provoked, by oft repeated and long continued abuse, to strike the fatal blow, and that, when he did strike, it is agreed by all, he had no [inten?] ^intention^ of killing, or very seriously hurting the unfortunate deceased– They therefore respectfully request, that your Excellency will grant him a full pardon of the entire punishment imposed by the law in the case–2
Alexander Fisher
V R Mallory
Cornelius Meslar
R B Zimmerman
John T. Wyckoff
Joseph W Bennett
Abner Riddle (These are the twelve jurors)3
Saml Grubb
Charles D Nuckolls
William Yocom
William S Hussey
James C Ross

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[ certification ]
State of Illinois }
Sangamon County ss[scilicet]
I John Calhoun Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for said County and state do hereby certify that names signed to the foregoing [cert?] Petition were the Jurors that decided upon the case of the People vs Michael Hill as more fully refered to in the said foregoing petition,
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at Springfield this 2nd day of April AD 1842
J. Calhoun clerk
per James H. Matheny D. C.[Deputy Clerk]
[ endorsement ]
Peck, EbenezerMatheny, James H. (Matheany, Matheney)Brenholts, Jacob (Bernholts)Keyes, James W. (Keys)Wickersham, Milton F.Grimsley, Winslow P., Jr.Runyon, Samuel C.Elkin, William F.Wickersham, JosiahTinsley, Seth M.Weber, George R.Lanphier, Charles H.Webster, Bela C.Moffett, Thomas (Moffitt)Huntington, George L.Amos, Joshua F.Matheny, Charles W.Lavely, WilliamSpringer, Francis (Rev.)Edwards, Benjamin S.Conkling, James C.Ball, Japhet A.Powell, William B.Stapleford, E.Bunn, JacobCrowder, John C.Canfield, J. L.Roll, John E.Matlock, Samuel (Matlack)Bennett, BenoniEnsminger, JohnMallory, E. M. (Malley)Taylor, JohnLangford, J. P.Webster Jr., FrancisRucker, ThomasMoody, Seymour B.Ransdell, HenryDoyle, MauriceJankiewicz, Stephen J.VanBergen, Peter (Van Bergen)Corneau, John A.Whitney, JonasDiller, J. RolandCabiniss, Z. P.Johnson, John H.Wallace, William S.Paine, EnochThomas Jr., Jesse B.Robinson, Arnold R.Butler, WilliamLincoln, Abraham (President)Irwin, RobertLogan, Stephen T.Hill, Daniel B.Snyder, JohnJones, EdwardCondell, John S.Condell Jr., ThomasHerndon, William H.Levering, SeptimusGrimsley, Harry J.Taylor, EdmundChatterton, Charles W.Davis, AmosLoose, Jacob G.Williams, John (Springfield, IL)Paddock, OrvilleMyer, Friedrick (Myers)Spear, Isaac P.Cowgill, William M.Elkin, Thomas C.Hewett Jr., ThomasJewett, Benjamin F. (Jewitt)Davis, ThomasNicholson, CravenWatson, W. W.Lowry, George W. (Lowery)Watson, Benjamin A.Matheny, Noah W.Maxey, James M.Dresser, HenryReeves, Milford O.Bennett, William A.Little, Thomas S.Harvey, WilliamMarsh, William H.Oswald, HenryThayer, Edward R.Wood, GeorgeScott, GeorgeClinton, FrancisTalbott, BenjaminRiddle, JacobElkin, John G.Newcomer, ChristopherMoore, William S.Woods, GeorgeBoyce, H. G.Hill, James L.Francis, J. N.Keeling, Lewis (Keeland)Francis, AllenSpotswood, George W.Grubb, George G.Samuel Grubb, Sr.Saunders, George S.Roberts, H. E.Thompson, RobertMcKee, James (of Sangamon Co., IL)Sampson, ConsulCurran, Isaac B.Wash, Milton H.Bennett, Van S.Pius, Henry G. (Pins)Dunn, ThomasWelsh, GeorgeKelly, M. I.Cox, JohnHough, J. A.Gray, John W.Mallory, Egbert M.Carlin, Thomas
We the Citizens of Springfield and of Sangamon County do concur and with the aforesaid Jurors and do most earnestly request you to use your clemency in the premises refered to in the foregoing Petition
E Peck
James H. Matheny Jacob Brenholts
James W Keyes M F Wickersham
Winslow. P. Grimsley Jr Sam C Runyon
Wm F. Elkin Shff. S. C[Sheriff Sangamon County] Josiah Wickersham
S. M. Tinsley Geo R Weber
C H Lanphier
B. C. Webster Thomas Moffett
George L Huntington Joshua F Amos
C. W. Matheny Wm Lavely
Francis Springer B. S. Edwards.
N H Foster Jas C. Conkling
Japhet. A. Ball Wm B Powell
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E Stapleford Jno A. [Lowry?]
J. Bunn. John. C. Crowder
J L Canfield John E Roll
John Morgan5 S. Matlack
Benoni Bennett John Ensminger
E. M. Mallory A S. Thompson
John Taylor
H. D. H. Webster J P Langford
F Webster Jr Isaac Wickersham
Thos Rucker S. B Moody
Henry Ransdell
Maurice Doyle S. J. Jankiewicz
P. V. Bergen John A. Corneau
Jonas Whitney J Roland Diller
Z. P. Cabaniss
John H Johnson Wm S. Wallace.
Enoch Paine
A M Hayes J. B Thomas
A. R. Robinson J V Betts
John W Boyd D. M. Irwin
William Butler A. Lincoln
Rob Irwin S. T. Logan
D. B. Hill
N. Lindsay
W. T. Pride–
John Snyder
W. T Bennett
Edward Jones
John S. Condell
Thos. Condell Jr
W H Herndon
[J?] W Meacham
Septimus Levering
H J Grimsley
W W Sanford
Edmund Taylor

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To His Exelency Thomas CarlinQuincyIllinois
[ docketing ]
Petition for the pardon of Michael Hill convicted of Manslaughter. Sangamon Co—[County]
[ docketing ]
[ docketing ]
Filed Apl 7. 1842
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the main body of the document and signed his and Stephen T. Logan’s names. James H. Matheny authored and signed the certification and the endorsement following it.
2Illinois Governor Thomas Carlin granted the pardon and the court discharged Hill on April 11.
Order, 11 April 1842, Lincoln et al. petitioned for pardon of Hill, Martha L. Benner and Cullom Davis et al., eds., The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition, 2d edition (Springfield: Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 2009),
3This text is written vertically from top to bottom.
4Pages three and four were written on a separate piece of paper, which was affixed to the first sheet with wax.
5There were multiple men named John Morgan living in Sangamon County, Illinois, at this time.

Autograph Document Signed, 6 page(s), Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).